United States. The city of California is introducing guaranteed income for “families of color”

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The city of Oakland, California will soon launch a guaranteed income pilot program. Officials said it was targeting black and Native American residents and targeting poor families.

The mayor noted that as part of the plan, inspired by the “global income” trials already underway in the United States, about 600 families in Auckland will be able to receive a $ 500 monthly check for at least 18 months without any conditions. Of the city, Libby Schaff.

Big difference in wealth depending on skin color

The mayor explained that this guaranteed basic income would be allocated to poor families with at least one dependent child, but above all to “families of color”. “We focus on people of color because there is a huge wealth gap in Auckland on the basis of race. கூர்ந்தார்.

The program is also open to homeless and undocumented families. Once the conditions are met, the allotment of this payment will be made by drawing lots. Beneficiaries can spend the amount – non-taxable – as appropriate, without any conditions or restrictions, and fund the promoters of the program exclusively through donations.

Who has already experienced success

“We know poverty is a problem, but we think it’s time to turn it into a policy at the federal level,” Libby Schaff argued, citing the results of an example. A similar experiment was conducted in Northern Stockton, California. For two years, 125 residents living in the city’s backward neighborhoods received $ 500 a month to determine if such guaranteed income could lift them out of poverty or make up for the many shortcomings of social security systems.

According to a report by Stockton Mayor Michael Dubs in early March, the experience was a success. This check not only reduced the financial insecurity of the beneficiaries, but also increased their employment rate by 12% and reduced their anxiety and depression.

The study shows that this allowance is mainly dedicated to basic needs such as food, gas or electricity and car expenses, with less than 1% dedicated to the purchase of tobacco and / or alcohol. “Poverty is not a personal failure, it is a political failure,” Libby Schaff concluded, advocating the establishment of a “guaranteed income” as part of a network of about 40 U.S. mayors.

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