United States. Trump accusation: Democrats checkmate

Surprisingly, but not without lessons. Donald Trump’s second indictment ended like the first: by being acquitted. He makes sure Republicans always play their cards to the end, not Democrats. Let’s start again. After several days of conflicting debates between the elected Democrats – the lawyers for the case – and Donald Trump’s defense body (the previous two – thirds failed to collect senators, the door to dismissal. “Yes. Seven Republican senators (Richard Burr, from North Carolina, Bill Cassidy, from Louisiana, Susan Collins, from Maine, Lisa Murkowski, from Alaska, Mid Romney, from Utah, Ben Sauve, from Janville, former President Patrick Jr. He was convicted of “inciting rebellion” on the 6th, and during a meeting called to go to the Capitol to block his forces. “Election Plane”, Before hundreds of them were forcibly entered the country’s legislative sanctuary. He lost by ten votes to make Donald Trump the first president to be ousted in the country’s history.

Trump who has become embarrassed since his defeat

The suspense is not really breathtaking. So 43 of the 50 right-wing senators realized in January that there was no constitutional issue with the 45th president’s approach. The Republican establishment seems to be eager to get rid of a cheap price that has been embarrassing since a Trump defeat a few weeks ago. But opinion polls (the majority of voters continue to support the nationalist millionaire) and a “Blitz” phone call to election offices quickly brought them “to the cause.” The affair was so serious (no attack was made on the Capitol after the attack of the English troops in 1814) that, for some, it was necessary to preserve the appearance. Thus, Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Senate Republican Party, has been criticizing the person he made a Fascist pact with since 2016, and then left the suspense over the nature of his vote before announcing that he would vote for the acquitted, but that was a “Tough decision” To take. In his last speech, he realized that it was Donald Trump “Practically and morally responsible for bringing about the events of this day”. A few minutes later, he voted: “Not guilty”. Responsible but not guilty. At the same time, he worked to prevent the debate from starting when Donald Trump was in the Oval Office before the verdict. “Unconstitutional” The trial of a president who is no longer in office, finally on Saturday, is the lack of time to refuse to call witnesses. Mephistopheles and Machiavelli.

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A case without witnesses and without the main accused

So the testimony of Republican MP Jaime Herrera to Beatler’s Donald Trump was not heard in the House. Compromised by Democrats, majority in the Senate: his written transcript will be on file. A case without witnesses and without the main culprits – Democrats could send him a “sap pona”, a sapona – resulted in a total victory for a president who was defeated in the election. “Total Asymmetric War: Republicans Abuse Power, Democrats Abuse Power.” Journalist Ari Berman tweeted. Did Biden’s party want to end the trial as soon as possible to allow the new president to pass legislation? As a last resort, he will use Article 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, disqualifying anyone who is ineligible. “Involved in a rebellion”, What does a simple majority in Congress require? Or will he free Donald Trump from his political movements as the leader of a Grand Old Party?

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