United States. U.S. researcher accuses sturgeon of distraction

The eggs were designed for research and he hides the fact that he has the size of his caviar: the person responsible for the official plan to conserve sturgeon in a lake in northern Wisconsin in the United States has been charged with theft, US media reported.

Fishing for sturgeon, freshwater fish that turn eggs into caviar, is allowed on Lake Winnipeg in February, which will be frozen this year. Amateur fishermen can then keep their catches, but it is strictly forbidden to resell them.

He will admit that he is not guilty

Fisheries wardens hired by the Wisconsin State Department of Natural Resources were instructed to collect sturgeons that fishermen do not want to donate to a research project on these endangered species. Local Channel Fox 11 news reports (Link in English).

But the biologist in charge of the project was charged with theft today, the channel said Wednesday. He is suspected of hiding eggs, especially in a local bar (including a liquor store).

Ryan b.

Since 2017, the U.S. A complaint was lodged last week as a result of the Fish and Wildlife Service investigation, and Mr Coinks was also arrested and charged with kidnapping three people, but not in the research program.

In an email to the New York Times, the biologist’s lawyer said he would admit he was not guilty. According to Fox 11 News, Ryan P. Koenigs is now under administrative suspension by the Department of Natural Resources.

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