Update your iPhone or iPad now to fix vulnerabilities

Update your iPhone or iPad now to fix vulnerabilities

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Even though you just installed iOS 14.5 (or at least you hope you have an updated iPhone or iPad), it’s time to get back to the app. session And get a newly released update from Apple that fixes a number of iOS security flaws. Although all security updates are important, this update fixes two vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited around the world.

In other words, don’t wait before updating. You might be tempted to wait, as it appears to be a minor update and you need to use your iPhone or iPad to do something else first. But even if you haven’t installed the new version of the OS at the moment, remember to activate automatic updates on your device fromsystem update” In the department “GeneralList “from”sessionHowever, I recommend that you updateAr as quickly as possible. If you can now, all the better.

Apple also explained in a file NotesIn iOS 14.5.1, iOS 14.5.1 fixes two issues in WebKit that could allow an attacker to remotely execute code on your device if you visit a website configured to exploit vulnerabilities. Here’s what Apple fixed with the new version:

  • Fixed memory corruption issue with improved state management.
  • Integer overrun with improved input validation has been fixed.

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Although there are high chances that you will not face these types of attacks, there is no reason to wait before updating iOS. The update is around 100MB in size, which shouldn’t take long to download via WiFi. In fact, in the time I spent writing this paragraph, my iPhone had already been downloaded and started preparing for the update; This last process took about five minutes or so on an iPhone 12 Pro Max. Of course, this may differ for each of our devices.

Once downloaded and processed, you should press’Install nowIn order to install the update. Your iPhone or iPad will restart on its own and be ready after another 5-7 minutes.

In total, I would say that the entire update process took me about 15 minutes and that includes downloading, setting, and installing the new version. It’s a little taller than you had imagined, yeah, but try to do it sometime during the day. Let the update take off while you are in a business meeting, showering, or dinner prep.

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