UPS invents a plan to improve its distribution through ‘flying vans’

It is clear that in the coming years, we will see an explosion of new ideas within the transport sector, both individually and professionally. Some techniques that appear to be taken from science fiction movies will be followed. One of them will have to do with the delivery companies, which will be very fast and efficient when bringing our purchases home.

UPS aircraft forward.

UPS, one of the most recognizable companies in this delivery and parcel service, Posted by His plan was to fill the sky with flying vans a few hours ago. They really are not, but they describe exactly what the spirit of their search is. This is acknowledged in an official release, where they present it This type of service will be operational from 2024.

EVTOL powered by electricity

The project is managed by UPS through its subsidiary Forward plane, Buy this type of aircraft with the ability to take off and land vertically As part of their innovation strategy, they aim to help all companies that work with them achieve. “Standard solutions. “According to the director UPS, Juan Perez, “It’s about revenue-centric innovation for our business, our customers and the environment.”

UPS aircraft forward.
UPS aircraft forward.

According to the company, “These new aircraft will create operational performance in our business, create open opportunities for new services and serve as the basis for future solutions to reduce the emission profile of our air and ground operations.” East eVTOL (Vertical take-off and landing) Manages to get UPS from Beta, It is capable of moving small loads with the intention of first carrying them to distribution centers Faster than the road. In total, these vehicles can carry a maximum of 635 kg, making them ideal for distributing loads to nearby airports in the major cities where they operate.

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Take-off and landing infrastructure.
Take-off and landing infrastructure.

The idea of ​​the company Buy the first ten aircraft by 2024 and then gradually increase the fleet to 150. In addition to these measures, Americans are working to transform their automotive fleet, where they are confirming that there are already 12,000 people using “alternative fuel”, but with a view to getting 10,000 full electricity in the coming years.

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