US – African-American employee files complaint against Amazon

An African-American manager criticizes Amazon for being paid less than its white male counterparts and maintaining an environment of discrimination.

African-American employees, including Charlotte Newman, have also been accused by Amazon of hiring them at a lower level of work than they applied for.


Charlotte Newman, an African-American manager at Amazon, filed a complaint Monday against a technology company accused of paying less than her white male counterparts and maintaining an environment of discrimination. ”.

The complaint, which was discussed by AFP, was filed with AWS, the group’s cloud (remote computing) branch. ‘S employee describes Charlotte Newman’s efforts, warning of her rank domestically for the racist and sexual prejudices that weigh heavily on black women in the country. In their lives.

“Amazon’s discriminatory behavior paid Charlotte Newman less than his white counterparts and failed to encourage him for years after he had already accepted high responsibilities,” prosecutors say. “A high-ranking male colleague was also reluctant to sexually harass her, sometimes even in public, proving Charlotte Newman’s vulnerable position within the company.”

Dismissed offender

Last October, four months after he reported the harassment – physical touch, inappropriate progress and insulting comments – the offender was acquitted. The report also cites circumstances that contributed to Charlotte Newman’s decision to prosecute: the perception of the persecution, persecution, and political situation of many African-American colleagues in the United States.

“Charlotte Newman feels the need to speak out in light of recent demonstrations against heartbreaking examples of racial injustice, including the assassinations of Prona Taylor on March 13, 2020 and George Floyd on May 25, 2020.” One of his lawyers The latest article was published in “Vox”, Title: “Prejudice, Disrespect and Emotions: Black Employees Say Amazon Has a Racial Issue.”

African-American workers, including Charlotte Newman, allege that Amazon hired them at a lower level of work than they applied for. According to the complaints, in September 2019, black employees “were so frustrated that they did not pay attention to such blatant inequalities that they produced a long memorandum with very detailed plans to deal with inequalities based on appearance, race and gender.”

“Amazon is working hard to foster a diverse, fair and inclusive corporate culture, and these allegations do not reflect these efforts or our values. We will not tolerate any discrimination or harassment,” a Seattle panel spokeswoman said. . “


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