US brace for naval conflict over Japan and China

A military exercise covering 77 U.S. and Japanese command centers. Called the Flexibility Armor 2021, it is a computer simulation of the naval battles that will take place from 22 to 26 February. Ambition? To test the coordination of Japanese and US forces in the Pacific Ocean against the navies of North Korea and China. These virtual tests specifically test the defensive capabilities of Japan and the United States.

According to the US Navy, To show that the Japanese and US navies can effectively detect and stop ballistic missiles sent from the Pacific Ocean. They must also prove their worth in anti-submarine and anti-ship warfare. The military exercise takes place a few days after Chinese ships entered the Senkaku Islands in Japanese territorial waters (also known as the Daewoo in Mandarin). This archipelago of eight islands is managed by Japan, but it is claimed by the People’s Republic and Taiwan. Numerous incidents, nationalist demonstrations and demonstrations take place near these islands every year, which has encouraged the land of the Rising Sun to strengthen its navy.

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Washington and Tokyo do not want to limit themselves to virtual training, the Resident Shield, but show their determination against the Xi Jinping government. In May 2021, Japan, the United States, but also France will participate in military exercises, this time in the South China Sea. This part of the Pacific Ocean – fully claimed by the People’s Republic – is very strategic, especially from a business standpoint. In fact, each year, container ships carry the equivalent of 5,000 billion items passing through this area.

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According to a Japanese newspaper Changi, Will train the French, American and Japanese navies to facilitate cooperation and organization between the officers of these different warships. In addition, the administration of the new US President Joe Biden wants to demonstrate that “it brings a kind of stability to the region by ensuring that freedom of navigation is well respected.” For his part, French Admiral Pierre Vandier told Change that the presence of the National Navy in the South China Sea “strengthens relations between France and Japan in the face of Chinese power.”

A display of power that does not seem to care about Xi Jinping’s government. The People’s Republic of China has enacted a new law allowing Chinese coastguards to use their weapons against foreign ships allegedly operating in the Chinese Armed Forces. As for Beijing, the Japanese Senkaku Islands, but the South China Sea are part of it.

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