USA – Daniel Kalua is the first winner of the Virtual Golden Globes

British actor Daniel Calua was the first winner of this year’s 100% Virtual Golden Globes due to an epidemic on Sunday evening, but it must be assigned the usual role of surprises between the celebration of Hollywood directors and Netflix’s long-awaited dedication.

Golden Globe Daniel Kalua for Best Supporting Actor for “Judas and the Black Messiah”.



Daniel Kalua won Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Judas & Black Messiah”. The film shows Fred Hampton’s efforts to mobilize Chicago activists against police violence targeting black communities in the 1960s, which is still relevant today in the wake of the great struggles that rocked the United States.

The stars learned of their success at home and explained the difficulties in organizing a ceremony via the internet, a technical shock that prevented the audience from hearing Daniel Kalua’s first reaction. However, he soon returned online to commemorate the death of Fred Hampton, who was killed during a police raid in December 1969.

“I hope we can see how he fought and spoke so wonderfully over so many generations,” the actor said, adding that the Black Panther activist taught him a lot about himself and “raised him as a man”.

Golden Globes.


Daniel Kalua won against Netflix movie “The Seven of Chicago” especially against his teammate Sacha Baron Cohen. Evidence that although 42 nominations have been registered this year, nothing has been decided yet for the Video on Demand platform.

The Golden Globes are one of the most coveted awards in American cinema, and this year’s competition for the Oscars can elevate favorites or, conversely, shower their confidence. As for the 2019 edition, the referee of the Hollywood Foreign Press Club, which presents these prizes, had a bare nose: all the Golden Globe winners in the cinema category won Oscars a few weeks later, except for the film music.

This year, “The Chicago Seven”, Aaron Sork’s play about the suppression of protests against the Vietnam War in 1968, and Chloe Zhao’s production of “Nomlandland” are holding the United States in their vans, both in their vans due to current themes.

“I think it’s a game between them,” said Scott Feinberg, an award expert for The Hollywood Reporter magazine. “If there’s to be a surprise, it’s + a promise to the young lady,” he adds, “unlike anything we ‘ve seen recently.”

In addition to this feminine thriller with Gary Mulligan, “The Father” has been nominated for an old man sinking with Anthony Hopkins, as well as David Pincher’s black-and-white “Monk” for the cult film “Citizen Kane”. The primary of the best theatrical film.

Three directors, “two white comrades”

On the director’s side, Chloe Zhao is a favorite against her rivals, including two women, Emerald Fennel for “Promising Young Woman”, and Regina King for “One Night in Miami”. “Let’s see how it goes; In the end, two whites, David Pincher and Aaron Sorkin, can win, ”says Pete Hammond, who wants to be careful.

The jury’s darling, Barbara Streisand, was the only woman to win a Golden Globe in this category for her 1984 musical film “Yentl”.

The late Chadwick Bosman, who died of cancer last summer, especially starred in “Black Panther”, has a good chance of winning the Golden Globe for starring in the Netflix movie “The Blues of Ma Rainy” again. “This is his best character, and we know he knew it might be his last appearance, so it’s hard to resist,” Tim Gray analyzes.

The diversity of the evening winners will be explored, especially the Times Up movement, which has strongly criticized the HFPA for not having a black journalist among its 87 active members. Ava Duvernay, the African-American director who published the reviews, was last added to the list of providers following one another on Sunday evening.

Among actresses, Gary Mulligan is on the rise thanks to his role in “Promising a Young Woman.” She plays a young woman who quenches her thirst for revenge and plays drunk to push men to reveal their wrongdoing. However, on his way he finds Francis McDormand and Viola Davis in “My Rainy”.

Unlike the Oscars, the Globes distinguish between theatrical films and comedy. It is “Fight 2”, starring Sacha Baron Cohen in the role of the fictional Kazakh journalist and the music that holds the trunk in this second section is “Hamilton”.


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