USA: Hawaii re-considered national security as a threat

The U.S. Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (FCC) sees Hawaii as a threat to national security among Chinese telecommunications equipment companies, undermining hopes of Joe Biden coming to power and easing ties.

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The FCC believes that Hawaii poses an “unacceptable risk” to national security, such as ZTE, Hydro Communications, Hangzhou Hygvision Digital Technology and Tahua Technology.

“Americans rely more than ever on our networks to work, go to school or access health care, and we need to have confidence in safe and secure communications,” said Jessica Rosenworse, interim president of the FCC since Joe Biden took office in January.

“This list sets the direction for that, as next-generation networks are built across the country [les réseaux] Do not repeat past mistakes and do not use any equipment or services that pose a threat to US national security or the security and safety of Americans, ”he added.

The decision, in line with decisions made by the Trump administration, showers the confidence of Hawaii founder and boss Ren Zhengfei, who called the Biden administration “open policy” in February. He wanted to reassure the group about its “survival” despite US sanctions.

In the context of the trade and technology war between the two leading world powers, telecommunications Jharkhand has been at the center of Sino-US rivalry for many years. The Hawaiian company found itself at the crossroads of the former Trump administration, accusing it of spying for Beijing’s interests without providing any evidence.

The company had already, in 2019, been placed on the U.S. blacklist, which barred U.S. companies from selling technologies such as “US-made” semiconductors and other essential components to its products, citing national security concerns.

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Meng Wanshou, the daughter of Ren Zhengfei, a Hawaiian executive, has been on trial in Canada since she was arrested in Vancouver in late 2018 on a U.S. order for violating U.S. sanctions against Iran. He is now threatening to be extradited to the United States for bank fraud.

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