USA | Infrastructure project expected by July

(Washington) The new chairman of the US Chamber of Commerce estimates that Congress could approve an infrastructure bill early Friday, underscoring the urgency of tackling the problem of ports, roads and other bridges “in the fall.”

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“We are very confident about what we have [un plan] Infrastructure, ”Suzanne Clark told CNBC on July 4, National Day.

He acknowledged that there was a “compromise” between Democrats and Republicans.

“But we have to compete globally,” he continued, noting that the United States currently has “dilapidated roads, ports and bridges” and is in dire need of “high speed” internet.

Biden management has already insisted that there should be a stimulus package after the $ 1.9 trillion economic bailout, which includes measures to modernize the infamous infrastructure.

The Democratic government has not only released a sum, but also aims to build water, transport and energy infrastructure that are highly environmentally friendly and highly resistant to climatic conditions.

He argues that the new green projects will create many more jobs in future sectors.

“It’s time to dump her and move on.”Me Clark, who took over as chairman of the Chamber of Commerce last month.

When President Donald Trump visited the White House in 2016, he denounced infrastructure as “declining”.

Most highways, roads, bridges, railways, airports and other infrastructure were built between the 1950s and 1970s.

Already in 2018, the American Federation of Roads and Transportation Buildings (ARTBA) has reported that U.S. bridges (226,837) and one-third of highway bridges (17,726) need repair.

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Many experts have been ringing the alarm bells for years about the dangers to user safety.

They also acknowledge that aging infrastructure is costly for the US economy, for example, heavy traffic congestion in the road transport sector.

But, for decades, the political divide has thwarted any major project.

Thus, Obama ‘s plans remain a dead letter.

Meanwhile, the Trump administration in February 2018 unveiled a plan worth more than tr 1.5 trillion. But it was never discussed.

A big problem is finance, a real headache because no infrastructure is funded in the same way.

When asked about the reasons for being so optimistic today, Suzanne Clark replied: “There are adults who can rule us, they know they have to deal with complex issues and take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them. Americans”.

“People care about jobs in their district, they care about American competitiveness,” he added.

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