USA: Joe Biden defends a firm and “practical” policy

“I was chosen to solve problems”. In the White House East Room, where there are only about thirty journalists due to health restrictions, Joe Biden held his first press conference on Thursday after arriving at the White House on January 20th. Those who feared age would be weakened by a president have so far been denied by the pace of reforms, but this talk is soft on a president who is often hesitant. He also sowed some surprises by mentioning that he thinks he is a candidate for re-election in 2024.

On the 65th day of his presidency, Joe Biden began by recalling achievements, setting a new target for vaccines against Govt-19: “We would have made 200 million injections in my 100th day”, He promised. More than a quarter of the population in the United States has already received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 2.5 million injections are given daily.

He said nearly half of primary schools in the country are open five days a week, and the $ 1.9 trillion incentive plan approved earlier this month has raised growth forecasts. “Over 6%” This year. “There is still work to be done, but there is help, hope moves”, He concluded in his opening speech.

Immigration challenge

As far as domestic policy is concerned, Joe Biden knew that after Donald Trump’s policy had been harshly criticized in recent years, immigrants, especially teenagers, were expected to cross the Mexican border on immigration issues. Joe Biden, who played for the defense, recalled that the increase in attempts to enter the United States had not come to a date since his arrival. He also confirmed that most of the newcomers will be laid off as they get older. Joe Biden has so far blamed his vice president, Kamala Harris, in the shadows. Identification of hope as a challenge involving discussions with its neighbors in Mexico and Central America.

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On the foreign policy page, Joe Biden recalled his old and profound knowledge of Xi Jinping, promising to continue to condemn human rights abuses and to compete by investing in future research and industry. “China wants to become a dominant country, it will not happen before my eyes”, He promised. Management makes the final An extensive infrastructure investment plan , Which is to be presented in Pittsburgh, PA.

With a narrow Democratic majority in Congress and 53% positive opinion, the question of the system will be at the heart of Joe Biden’s mandate. “I have to decide whether to continue the politics of my Republican peers, but I will continue to move forward.”, He warned. If he calls the Republicans for unity and presents himself as one “Practical”, Joe Biden has shown that he will not hesitate to defend himself with a recovery plan.

Parliamentary ban

The president criticized the parliamentary ban (“Philipster”), which had its structure “Abused in a gigantic way” To prevent it when the plans of the majority in recent years are too small. But he supports its reform rather than suppressing it. After winning the last presidential election, the president raised his voice to condemn new attempts by Republicans to restrict voting in some states.

Two shootings that killed eight people in Atlanta (Georgia) and ten in Boulder (Colorado) have brought the gun regulation issue back to the forefront in recent days. The material was obscured by an epidemic last year, but more than 43,000 people died of gunshot wounds in the United States last year, of which nearly 20,000 were murdered. Joe Biden called on the Senate to tighten the law, impose background checks and ban assault rifles.

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