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Halfway through their first 100 days in office, President Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris have increasingly imposed their priorities on the American political spectrum. Their 9 1.9 trillion stimulus package has passed the stage of being approved by the House of Representatives. There is a green light from the Senate. It is scheduled for mid-March.

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Most recently, the US President almost attended a conference in Munich, especially uniting his European allies, where he affirmed that “America is back on the international scene” (“America is back”) in a role of conforming to American traditions. And values. So diversity, democratic values ​​and international institutions will return to the heart of American diplomacy.

Since taking office on January 20, the United States has joined the Paris Agreement and the World Health Organization. In short, the message is clear: the first approach of the US Trump era is over!

Challenges and Issues

Despite former President Trump’s recent indictment, the Biden-Harris group has not been diverted. Quite the contrary! Joe Biden’s press conferences and his spokesman Jen Saki focused on epidemiological management, access to immunization, economic recovery and Senate confirmation of posts. Keys in administration.

Since taking office, President Biden has acted with speed and determination in carrying out more than 40 presidential decrees affecting immigration, health, the environment and the economy.

He was able to change the tone of American politics with his humility, empathy and compassion. His recent testimony, which recalls more than 500,000 victims of COVID-19, and his presence and support in Texas, demonstrates Biden’s style of being hit hard by the winter storm.

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That being said, one can see the impact of President Biden’s speech on unity and the need to reduce political polarization. In Congress, Republicans oppose his stimulus package, with most of those following it following the instructions and approach of former President Trump.

Despite growing divisions among Republicans in Congress, pro-Trump forces are still in the majority, continuing to question the legitimacy of Biden’s victory on November 3. Trump (as he pointed out during his Sunday trip to the Conservative rally in Orlando) points out that he could run for president again in 2024).

Meanwhile, some divisions within the Democrats are beginning to emerge between the moderate faction and the progressive faction led by Senator Bernie Sanders and Representative Alexandra Ocacio-Cortez.

See also: How Biden will handle being excluded from the stimulus package of his plan to raise the minimum wage from $ 7 to $ 15 an hour, as promised during his presidential campaign. A project considered by its progressive section to be necessary for revival.

Trudeau-Biden Summit

The recent Virtual Summit between Canada and the United States provides a good demonstration of the new approach of the Biden-Harris team. Which means “our best friend”, the return of the relationship with Canada. Also, the first calls abroad and the first formal meeting were with Canadian neighbors.

During their meeting with President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau, they did more than simply plan beautiful pictures for the media, but to take purely symbolic gestures and stick to encouraging words. The meeting ended with content!

As the two leaders focused on the power sector, they mapped out a common path map for epidemics, economic recovery and challenges for the middle class and their common climate aspirations.

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President Biden has made headlines for his outspoken support for Canada’s move to release Michael (Spear and Gowrick), both imprisoned in China for more than 800 days.

However, the Canada-US relationship will not be without its risks in the coming months. Access to some US-made COVID-19 vaccines, binding US proposals, project Keystone XL denial, ongoing softwood logging case and reopening of the border will always create problems.

The Biden administration is in a hurry to appoint a new ambassador to Canada to fill the post, which has been vacant for more than a year. Often in the past, this function was filled by someone close to the White House resident. It must continue.

About 2022

The most recent polls show a relatively high level of satisfaction with President Biden’s administration to date. Some approach 60%.

But US politics is the next election event: the focus will soon return to the 2022 midterm elections. Republicans will want at all costs to regain control of Congress, which is fragile in the hands of Democrats.

For Republicans, and especially for former President Trump, these midterm elections mark the beginning of their next presidential campaign. As for the Democrats, we will do the same calculation.

In light of what we have seen since January 20, President Biden is acting on it.

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