USA: Shooting at a supermarket, ten people die

D.U.S. Colorado A total of six people, including a police officer, were killed in a shooting Monday afternoon at a supermarket in the city of Boulder, the city police chief said Monday.

The Maurice Herald lamented at a news conference that the slain policeman was allegedly shot in the King Super’s supermarket and praised his action heroism. “Boulder was the victim of a horrific and horrific mass murder today,” said District Attorney Michael Tuckerdy.

Police sources told ABC TV that police attended after receiving a warning about the presence of a gunman in the parking lot of King Super’s Supermarket. Police said the fire broke out. In the footage, its authenticity has not been confirmed by authorities, and when the gunfire sounded, at least three bodies could be seen lying on the ground in and around the supermarket. A young woman told the Fox 10 channel she saw someone who was particularly dead and was carried away in a “body bag” by emergency services.

At least one person was arrested

He had tweeted “avoid” the police in this city at the foot of the Rockies. Half an hour after the first shots, dozens of law enforcement officers surrounded the supermarket. They had the armored vehicles they had at the entrance of the store. Half a dozen heavily armed police mounted it on the roof of the store using a fire engine that stopped its ladder.

Pictures aired live during a witness’s activity in the parking lot showed at least one person, and only one of the sports shorts showed a man being taken out of the store by police. Traces of blood. After quietly returning to the parking lot, customers who had been taken to safety outside the store sat down, wrapped in blankets, and conversed with the rescuers.

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