USA: The Senate re-judges Donald Trump

On February 8, 2019 at 2021 at 7:25

Test, second. A month after the attack on the Capitol, Donald Trump has a meeting in front of the Senate on Tuesday Charged by the House of Representatives Five people were killed to provoke an uprising and shake one of the pillars of American democracy. The former president had a meeting that, as his lawyers had already announced, was not valid enough for the first procedure Indictment In the case of Ukraine, the end of 2019.

According to the defense of the former president, it is not the practical constitution that leads to indictment in theory, Donald Trump left his functions at the White House. But the Democrats’ goal is to prevent the 45th president from running for a new federal mandate, if he wants to go to war in 2024, other than to stonewall responsibility for the January 6 events.

Ideological stabilization

The party’s ideological stance among Republicans on the “accusation” procedure has sparked debate among moderate conservatives and loyal supporters of Donald Trump. Ten Republican-elected delegates march to the House of Representatives ” Indictment », The fate of the most senior elected among these protesters, Liz Cheney (Wyoming), subject to heated debate . He finally retained his title by a margin of 145 votes to 61.

Contrary to the threats of the Grand Old Party, the adherents of conspiracy theories and the support of Donald Trump, the Georgia MP. Marjorie Taylor Green is also subject to infighting within the party. A few excuses finally helped save him, before he was removed from his duties on two parliamentary committees by Democrats.

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Republican leader Kevin McCarthy in the House is thus engaged in a balancing act to maintain the unity of the party. He criticized Donald Trump after the January 6 events, while at the same time opposing the “accusation” practice. He also supported Liz Cheney, but Marjorie Taylor did not leave Green. And he went on to pledge allegiance to Donald Trump At his Florida home at the end of January.

“Positive Populism”

Within the party, the most radicals are the most vocal. They are mostly young, Florida representative Matt Gates, a publicist “Positive Populism”, Or young people selected by Lauren Bobert of Colorado. In front of them, some moderate voices blow on the piece. This is especially true of Rob Portman. Who has already announced He will not be representing in 2022 and has opened the door to a divisive heir.

To condemn Donald Trump in the Senate, elected members of the upper house must collect 67 votes (two-thirds majority) or at least 17 Republican votes. A score that seems difficult to achieve – 45 out of 50 Republican senators considered the practice unconstitutional. Republican Senate President Mitch McConnell has criticized Donald Trump’s approach, but has not formally said whether he will vote with Democrats. Both camps seem eager not to devote too much time to the trial – Democrats can start legislative reforms, while Republicans are turning the page.

The minimum wage is deferred to $ 15

Democrats won their narrow majority for the first time in a referendum on Friday, which saw Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package pass by a simple majority. “I will act, act quickly”, Promised the President of the United States. Despite a drop in the unemployment rate in January, the working population rose to 6.3% (-0.4 points). Job creation Was soft (49,000 in January).

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As the parliamentary procedure is clear, the trigger package is expected to be considered within two weeks, said Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In particular, it offers to send new checks to Americans for $ 1,400, although there are tougher income limits than Joe Biden’s initial plan. The plan to double the federal minimum wage to $ 15 an hour has also been postponed. In a Senate determined solely by the voice of Vice President Kamala Harris, at least one Democrat opposes it, deluding the move, at least in the short term.

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