USA: Vaccinated woman gives birth to an immunocompromised child

NEW – Three weeks after receiving the first modern vaccine in Florida, USA, a health professional gave birth to a baby girl. The baby was born with appropriate antibodies against Covit-19.

This is a blur of hope in the fight against Govt-19. American health worker Moderna was vaccinated with serum when she gave birth to a 36-week-pregnant baby girl “Serious and healthy” Last February. The baby had antibodies that give immunity to the corona virus.

According to Paul Gilbert and Chad Rudnick Report To Atlantic University of Florida, Previous cases have shown that women infected with the virus have also given birth to children with antibodies. But, for them, the case of this child in Florida is unique in the world.

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Govit-19: Vaccine Challenge

“This is the first known study in worldwide research: a mother who has not had Govt before, who has since been vaccinated, and who has had a baby with antibodies.” Pediatrician Chad Rudnick explains.

Thus, the question arises: Will immunity against the corona virus be hereditary? In response, two scientists examined this mother’s umbilical cord. Its antibodies “Diagnosed at childbirth” It is transmitted to the baby through the placenta and provides immunity to the newborn. “It is possible to protect and reduce the risk of SARS-Cowie-2 infection through maternal vaccination”Says Paul Gilbert.

The level of child protection is yet to be determined

Nevertheless, both physicians note that this hypothesis has not yet been validated by colleagues and that further research is needed, especially regarding the safety of these antibodies. “Further studies will determine how long this protection will last. They need to determine what level of protection or how many antibodies should be in circulation for a child to give protection. “, Soligne Chad Rudnik.

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“We urge other researchers to create records of pregnancy and breastfeeding, and to conduct efficacy and safety studies of the Govit-19 vaccine in pregnant or lactating women.”, He mentions.“It’s a small case of thousands and thousands of babies being born to vaccinated mothers in the next few months.”

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Therefore, research on vaccination of pregnant women should be continued. To date, no studies have reported complications or side effects from immunization for pregnant women. However, future research should determine whether there is a better time to vaccinate during pregnancy to increase the safety of mothers and their babies.

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