USA: Without response, the White House tried to contact North Korea

Kim Jong-un does not want to be friends with Joe Biden. In fact, the White House has reportedly tried to contact North Korea on several occasions.

Says a U.S. administration official who was quoted as saying Reuters, The new power in the United States “uses many means of communication, including February and New York”. It has been more than a year since the two countries actually failed in the talks, despite several attempts by Washington.

At the moment, Joe Biden has not released what his strategy will be for North Korea. Donald Trump sought to negotiate with the dictator, becoming the first American president to set foot in the country in history. But after two summits, the two leaders failed to reach an agreement and the talks ended. In recent months, several South Korean and US intelligence reports have reported that North Korea is operating on nuclear sites.

Biden wants to take humanitarian considerations into account

Anthony Blingen, the head of US diplomacy, promised on January 19 that all options for resolving the issue were on the table. So the increase in sanctions may, at the time, be similar to “diplomatic efforts.” However, without Pyongyang’s response, this last idea seems to have been compromised.

It remains to be seen what kind of sanctions Joe Biden can take against North Korea to force the country back to the negotiating table. Anthony Blingen promised to “keep an eye not only on the security side, but on the humanitarian side of the equation.” This is because if it is very difficult to have an accurate idea of ​​North Korea’s economic situation, a study estimates that in 2018, 60% of the population will live in poverty. Kim Jong-un said the situation in 2019 would be difficult. Hence a trend that could worsen if new sanctions occur.

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