Uzbek & Rica – Govt-19: Will the US finally (finally) explode the patent?

Same talk on the very legacy side The Wall Street Journal, Who believes it ” Patent abolition does not speed up production or distribution of vaccines to poor countries “, Quoting some of the partnerships that have already been formed between the manufacturers and, above all, determining the patent system” Useful “In its ability to provoke” l’innovation “And this” Competition Research between private research laboratories. A form ” Absolute confidence in the market, any intervention is considered the opposite effect », According to the analysis Consultant Pauline Landix.


Except that a second argument in favor of raising the patent is included in these technical questions. The real politics Comes into operation here. This is because where Russia and China have been trying to export their vaccines quickly to Africa, the Middle East or South America, the United States first wanted to target their own people. Given the impressive pace of the U.S. vaccination campaign that could end in early summer, can the situation change quickly?

To believe Washington Post, Way ” Free control over US dictatorial enemies to send vaccines to everyone from Mexico to Lebanon to Uzbekistan “An induced” Lively discussion Within the Biden administration on the possibility of adopting a new strategic position. Some advisers encourage him to start again without delay. ” The role of the international leader “When others warn against the danger of a very rapid relocation, it will provoke the anger of the people.” Many people in the United States are struggling to get vaccinated at the same time .

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So a meeting to raise patents will be held in Washington on March 22, and if no final decision is made by this time, the “pro-tax” will already benefit from the support of the Democratic House. Delegates, Nancy Pelosi, as well as her colleagues Earl Bloomener (elected from Oregon), Rosa Delaro (elected from Connecticut) and John Shokowski (elected from Illinois). ” Our Vision: “We will not be safe as long as the world is safe” “, Summarizes a source” Near the file » From CNBC.

Argument ” Strategic », Of course, but totally practical: the media reminds us New Republic, Covit-19 orbits more than four corners of the world, and new variants that threaten the effectiveness of vaccines are more likely to appear. Translation: From a simple health computational point of view, it seems in the American national interest to allow all nations to quickly protect themselves against the virus … otherwise a new strain will appear, Restart the infection On a planetary scale, and therefore threatens the United States for a long time.

Moral argument

However, most of the arguments put forward in favor of raising the patent refer to the most explicit and universal logic, which British activist Heidi Chow summarizes in the left-wing media. Jacobin : Govt vaccines should be available everywhere. Otherwise, it is immoral . « The stock is simply too high, Writes Heidi Chow. The option to end national locks and control measures is not limited here [au Royaume-Uni, ndlr] But everywhere. The only way this can happen is for pharmaceutical companies to license and support other companies. »

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