Vaccine against Covid-19 Mexico, today, April 9: How vaccination works

Pfizer Bio N TechAnd the AstraZeneca OxfordAnd the Senovac, Cansino and Sputnik F. The five vaccines that have been applied across the country, in addition to the only vaccines authorized for use in emergencies, are for health workers, teachers and the elderly, who, excluding teachers, are the groups most vulnerable to COVID-19 infection.

Ministry of Health authorities stated that they had submitted applications in more than three months 10 million 984 thousand 869 Doses of various vaccines against Covid-19 available in Mexico, including 185,651 doses were vaccinated on Friday, until the information stopped at 4:00 pm.

How does the Covid vaccination work?

In the country, as of Friday April 9, the five vaccines applied in Mexico were those of Pfizer-BioNTech, AstraZeneca-Oxford, SinoVac, Cansino and Sputnik V and according to this day’s report in an afternoon conference, until the moment they were applied 10 million 984 thousand 869 doses Doses of antiviral vaccines.

In addition to those of Pfizer and AstraZeneca, Cofepris has already issued an emergency clearance, that is, its evidence of clinical efficacy, evidence of immunization and especially safety is very limited, for three vaccines for application in Mexico: SinoVac, Sputnik V and Chinese CanSino and this is their case:

Pfizer: 6 million 483 thousand doses 750 vaccines were received; 754 thousand 128 Doctors received the second dose, that is, they have a full schedule of vaccination.

Cansino: Licensed by Cofepris’s New Molecular Commission for use in emergencies and 2 million doses of vaccine have been delivered for packaging in Querétaro, which has already been distributed in the rest of the country. To date, 1,440,300 doses have been applied.

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Sputnik V: The Russian vaccine is licensed by the Cofepris New Molecules Committee for emergency use; This vaccine was applied in Mexico City, in the mayors of Iztacalco, Tláhuac and Xochimilco. So far, 900,000 vaccines have been received.

AstraZeneca Oxford: The vaccine has been approved by Cofepris and in an agreement with Mexico and Argentina, the active ingredient for this vaccination is being worked on. This is the second vaccine that is being applied in the country and 3,589,300 doses have been delivered; A new batch is expected to arrive from the United States in the next few days.

SinoVac: The vaccine has arrived in the country in recent weeks. The contract is for 10 million doses in a period of four months. The first batch was 200,000 vaccines, and to date 4 million vaccines have been delivered.

What are the characteristics of vaccines?

Due to its technological development and special characteristics, each vaccine should have a specific treatment for logistics and distribution, such as a refrigeration process in deep freezers or even a type of packaging.

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is a vaccine that requires special care, as it must be stored in refrigerators at -70 ° C to be thawed before application.

AstraZeneca vaccine is a non-repetitive viral vector-based vaccine that requires storage conditions compatible with other vaccines for the Global Vaccination Program in Mexico, i.e. from 2 ° C to 8 ° C, which makes it easy to handle and distribute.

Sputnik V vaccine was developed by Russia, viral vector vaccine is 91.6% effective. In addition to Russia, it has been approved in 48 countries (Venezuela, Iran, South Korea, Argentina, Algeria, etc.).

Sinovac vaccine is based on inactivated virus technology. Authorized for example in China, Chile, Brazil and Turkey. According to Sinovac, large-scale trials in Brazil have shown an overall efficacy rate of about 50% (80% against more severe forms), but data in this case have not been published either.

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Covid-19 vaccination plan

Lopez Gatel reported that this strategy seeks to vaccinate about 75 percent of the population aged 16 and over and thus reduce deaths from the Coronavirus In addition, priorities will be presented by age group.

According to the policy governing vaccination against Covid-19, it was expected that there would be a strategy in five stages of vaccination in which the population to be vaccinated would be distributed, in addition to the different doses that the vaccination program would receive against it. SARS-CoV-2 virus to prevent COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health reports that these are the vaccine doses that have been in place as of April 9, depending on the population, namely:

Health staff:

  • 155,520 people with the first dose
  • 754 thousand 128 people in a complete scheme

Teaching staff:

  • 5307 people with the first dose
  • 17,627 people in full scheme


  • 7 million 410 thousand 304 people
  • 83 million 293 thousand people with the complete scheme

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