We have played minesweeper badly all our lives and this video proves that

We have played minesweeper badly all our lives and this video proves that

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At some point in our lives, we’ve all played a game at the famous level minesweeper, A classic in the world of video games. Who among you stopped to read its rules? You might think, “Damn it, there’s not much to understand either.” At the end of the day, the mechanism is simple: it involves map detection based on random clicks and placing little flags where we think the bombs are. But all this time we were wrong, and the key is those colored numbers.

First of all, I must say that I had no advertisement that now prompted me to read the rules of the happy game. The bug that will blow your head like me is this viral TikTok:

As Paisley reveals, the key to the game is not in the shell, but in the colored numbers that appear on the screen. The squares in which the number appears indicate the number of mines in the surrounding boxes. This means that if the number 1 appears in a square, it means that there is a mine in one of the squares next to it. By directing yourself with these numbers, you will be able to infer with certainty where each mine is located.

¿HUnlock more games there That we’ve been playing bad all this time?

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