What is Presidents Day, an old tradition in question?

Monday, February 15 is a public holiday in the United States. That’s what we call it “President’s Day”, This may seem irrelevant, but it says a lot about connecting Americans with their companies.

First, it’s about celebrating Birthday of the first American president George Washington, February 22. This day has been a public holiday since 1885. The date was changed to the third Monday in February, which allowed Abraham Lincoln to celebrate, and later became this birthday party Presidential Celebration. This is a day to pay tribute to everyone who occupied the White House, including its current tenant, Joe Biden.

This year everything is sad, but as usual Marches, speeches, And even in races, a total of events dedicated to former commanders. The representation of presidents in the United States is very important. In France, it is difficult for a head of state to see a holiday, and it is difficult to imagine a portrait of four presidents carved in stone at Massif Central, 18 meters high, as in Mount Rushmore. As a reminder, these four presidents are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

The explanation is actually quite simple: it is related The youth of the country. In France, the presidents of the republic have certainly shaped a part of history, but before them the leaders of the council, kings and emperors did the same. In the United States its leaders were the only presidents.

A tradition is questionable

This day is integrated into American society. But some Question it. For example, one columnist in an article said that this year is a little absurd about celebrating a few days after US presidents tried to blame one of them. In fact, some Americans want to celebrate the president, but not others.

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There are millions of Americans who want to pay homage to Donald Trump, but not to Barack Obama, and vice versa. So the idea to go back to the origins of this celebration: namely George Washington’s birthday

Traditionally, presidents deliver a small message on this day. Joe Biden did just that in a one-and-a-half minute short video on Monday. The current White House tenant is almost ashamed, “American history is not the history of presidents, it is history Of the American people“.

But since it is customary to cite pioneers, Joe Biden mentioned presidents to be managed Big crises Abraham Lincoln for the Civil War, the crisis of the 1930s and Franklin Roosevelt like John F. Kennedy during World War II or the Cold War.

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