What is the impact of justice on Uber’s business model?


Is Uber’s business model going downhill? On Friday, February 19, the British Supreme Court ruled that a group of 20 drivers working on the platform could benefit from “worker” status. Like the employee in France, this position specifically opens up the right to minimum hourly pay and paid leave. This decision would encourage other workers in the “kick economy” or work economy to engage in similar cases.

British decision Not the first in this field: the French court examined the cassation March 4 Re-eligibility of contact for its former drivers, which is exaggerated as an employment contract. ” From 2018, Analyst Frank Bonot, co-host réseau Distributors & Workers, Seeks to bring together different players in the stage economy, and author of the book “Désubériser, reprise le Contrôle”, A trend emerges in support of the demand for a service delivery relationship as a salaried worker. »

Delivery providers are also currently taking over the London Court of Appeals to obtain a collective agreement. A revolution? Co-founder, to Craigslist Leclerc Uberization Laboratory, If it is needed ” Be careful with our analysis of the economy “This type of decision is about individual events in each case, due to the inconsistencies between the sites, countries and departments.” Will disrupt the whole ‘Kick economy By setting pre pioneers, especially in the field of transportation and mobility.

« Uber and Delivery already hold 60% of the market share, Says Craigslist Leklerk. They can resist an increase in social contributions, in which they greatly improve. But this does not apply to other players who are in danger of disappearing. So switching to salaried employment is not a solution for all stage workers.

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On the contrary, it will lead to an increase in the price of shopping, and a few behemoths will accelerate the monopoly of the sector. ” Uber has a 20% commission on each ride, Predicts Krakowir Leklerk. So the price change will have an impact on consumers above all else, for whom the service will be less accessible, without changing anything to the site and its economic model. » Other analyzes Nevertheless, the possibility of a fall in Uber in the United Kingdom only exacerbates its prices.

A “win / win” solution

Frank Bonnet did not come out to generalize the pay system. ” This is not the only way to achieve a win-win relationship, it will protect workers from disrupting the economy, He notices. Nor is it certain that a contract is sufficient to improve working conditions. “The Just Eat food delivery site is intact Under the supervision of distribution teams And unions, despite the decision to hire 4,500 distributors in open contracts.

But Frank Bonnet sees reasons for optimism. ” A win / win solution At the end of England. ” Its advantage is that the driver has now been paid since the app was introduced, and no longer racing », He explains. A new change, according to the expert, could force Uber and other players to modify their performance for this new ban.

« They should improve the working hours of the driver as he will be paid as soon as the application is started. Projects Frank Bonnet. This is a paradigm shift : Instead of an army of waiting drivers, there will be vehicles with higher load rates, which will be in chain races. “A Beneficial Situation for All Stakeholders in the Platform Economy:” This will increase the driver’s wages, while at the same time controlling the price increase for the customer and getting rid of the cities as less vehicles are in circulation. , He believes.

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Many ways are considered

The two analysts agree on one thing in any case: the incredible adaptation created by the giants of the platform economy. ” The sites have the ability to coordinate and enforce these court decisions, Says Frank Bonot. Negotiations on the adaptation of their economic model have only just begun. »

In California, an unprecedented communications campaign allowed Uber to hold a referendum on driver eligibility in November. People spoke out against paid employment, and a priority Self-employment status with some compensation. And in France? ” The politician did not say his last word, Says Craigslist Leklerk. A level ‘Hybrid ‘ It can only be created if it manages to fix social security and flexibility. »

Other options are being considered. A statement It was handed over to the Prime Minister last December under the leadership of Magistrate Jean-Yves Froy. In particular, the economic model proposes to go through a third party to pay stage workers, in order to provide them with minimum social security without regret. ” Emergency, Concludes Gregory Leklerk, Is to create conditions for dialogue between sites and workers. This relationship is very unequal for now. »

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