White House wants to “reconsider” its relationship with Saudi Arabia


The White House reaffirms its intention to “reconsider” its relationship with Saudi Arabia. Although Donald Trump is often blindly accused of human rights issues, Joe Biden announces that he wants to release an explosive classified CIA report on the assassination of Jamal Kashoki. The report confirms the direct role of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in the execution of a Saudi journalist who was a columnist for the Washington Post.

With our correspondent in the United States, Eric de Solve

Joe Biden Will not be quiet, A White House spokesman said. When he has concerns about human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia; He would say it out loud and clear “In short – the very opposite of its predecessor. After the assassination of journalist Jamal Kashoki in Turkey in 2018, Donald Trump refused to point to the responsibility of Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman, the main arms buyer from the United States.

Everything changes

But now everything is changing with Joe Biden. A month after coming to power, the new president wants to redefine this relationship with Riyadh. The first act of this restructuring is: classification of the explosive CIA report; According to the report, Mohammed bin Salman ordered the assassination of a Saudi journalist and American citizen, who criticized his authority in the column. Washington Post.


Before releasing this statement, Joe Biden will announce that Salman will meet King, but not with his son MBS, but as the real ruler of the kingdom and the privileged speaker of Trumpist diplomacy. The Biden administration did not want to stop there. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan has already announced that he is taking into account those responsible for Washington’s murder.

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