Why Republicans want to reform the vote in Georgia

This is one of the American news We would hear a lot if we were not in the Govt period. Condition Georgia Wants to complicate the voting process. According to opponents of the law, the election was with external motives. This case has grown because companies are powerful Coca Cola or Delta Airlines, Protested against these measures. What does this conflict law contain?

So we have to explain the context. We remember it There was Georgia One of the key states in the presidential election. Traditionally a republic, but it was won by Democrats.

There were even audio recordings we could hear Donald Trump is asking officials to find the 12,000 votes he lost. In short, these elections have created a mess in the conservative camp. Suddenly Republican Gov. Brian Kemp announced a law: the “Electoral Integrity Act.”

Encourage some voters

For example, prohibited text, on election days, Distribution of water and food within a radius of 50 meters around the polling booths. And 7 meters around each voter in line.

According to opponents of the law, this is the explanation: with the African-American majority, it is common in these districts to have queues hundreds of meters from the entrance to the polls. Prohibit food and water, This may motivate these voters. So this move should prevent the traditionally democratic African-American vote.

But officially, what is the purpose of this law announced by the Republican camp? For them, This is to avoid fraud. Presumably: The last election was rigged. This is Trumpist rhetoric. All the courts say the opposite, even if the Republican governor has checked the election.

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Strong reaction from Joe Biden

It’s not just mind-boggling rules like banning the supply of food and water. This law, for example, is required Photo ID for postal votes. In the meantime, why not tell ourselves why? The problem is, the United States does not have a photo ID like in France.

The most common identification document, It’s a driver’s license. However, poorer people, especially African-Americans, have less of a car (compared to the national average), so they do not have a driver’s license. They travel less, so there are fewer passports.

The law provoked a strong reaction: political, economic and religious. Joe Biden picked up no tweezers. To him This law tramples on American values. He talked about a sad day for Georgia. Let us remember that Georgia has a long history of racial segregation and limited civil rights.

Large companies oppose the law

It starts to react a lot. Today religious leaders hold water bottles in front of Capitol and Atlanta. A gesture to express their anger.
And religious leaders who asked Large companies Take a stand.

Coca-Cola is one of Georgia’s historic economists. Its CEO has spoken out, ruling the new law “unacceptable.” Another key player in the state is Delta Airlines. Its CEO believes the law does not apply to the values ​​his company protects.

UPS, Citibank, Merck, American Express Have taken a stand. We can see the importance of his new electoral laws. Georgia in particular is not the only state involved. Iowa has taken a similar step Republicans want to offer this in more than 40 states. This will be one of the biggest political battles of the next few months.

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