Will all Americans be vaccinated by May?

U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday evening praised the remarkable progress of the anti-Govt vaccine, which gives hope for a return to normalcy in the United States. July 4 is a national holiday. In a speech that took on a more serious and optimistic tone, the White House tenant ordered all states to impose age limits, so that all adult Americans Must be eligible for vaccination by May 1st.

“It’s much earlier than expected!”, Sparking a path that allows “a good opportunity” to celebrate a festival on July 4th, allowing Americans to meet in small groups around a traditional barbecue. “This fight is far from over,” he warned Joe Biden before expressing his hope that “better days” are coming.

America will soon prove its existence “Won one of the darkest and hardest times” In their history, he continued. “We’ve all lost something,” the U.S. president notes last year.

“The smallest things in life are the most important, we miss it,” he added, adding that within the EU, the arrival of Johnson & Johnson’s fourth vaccine was possible to plan the acceleration of immunization campaigns.

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