With the technical strike the auto industry will go on until May

The shortage of electronic components and other inputs will force assembly companies to stop production, leaving about 7,000 workers in the automotive sector to remain unemployed until May.

Rogelio Patila de Leon, general secretary of the Automated Workers’ Union, said about 10,000 workers have now been re-employed, but as long as there is a shortage, technical shutdowns will continue, which are uncontrollable; It had already been suggested that they would only stay until the second week of April, but that would be extended, he said.

In the same vein, the union leader announced that the production line at Nissan’s A1 plant would be discontinued, however, there are other assemblers who, although they do not have all the components, continue to work, meaning that they have the opportunity to keep workers busy if they have the raw material, thereby trying to affect as little as possible.

Patila de Leon, on the other hand, acknowledged that this situation was completely out of reach, leaving it out of hand because companies dedicated to the production of these components were not guaranteed to meet global demand and would begin to deliver in a normal way, so there was a risk that intermittent stops would continue; It is likely to be formalized in May, but it is not certain.

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