Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 is on fire, is Xiaomi the culprit?

Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 is on fire, is Xiaomi the culprit?

A couple of days ago, a user spread out on the networks by posting two pictures of himself Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Kindle Fire. The user indicated in his post that the device was only a few months old, and that it belonged to his brother and that He started smoking For no apparent reason. It is not the first smartphone to explode and it will not be the last, but in this case it appears to be so Not the manufacturer’s faultIt is the user himself. We already expect that it is not something normal at all, although out of the millions of devices in the world, there are a few that suffer from this problem.

Who is responsible for the Redmi Note 9 Pro blazing?

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 The Pro has been on the market for a long time and there have been few or no reported cases of fire ever. This excludes that it is a general problem with the device or that it has any component that causes this fire.

The user did not give many explanations, but it seems that he sent the burned device to Xiaomi for analysis. The company has now published that The fire has arisen due to improper use by the user. This is No Xiaomi’s fault Or from the hardware itself: The peripheral was fine and something external caused the problem.

The case is not closed yet and Xiaomi has not mentioned the cause of the fire, rather simply saying that the cause is the user. Now we have to wait, because improper use of the device is not covered by the warranty and it is not known whether the user will receive another station.

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Don’t worry, your Redmi Note 9 won’t explode or catch fire

You might be wondering, but no, you are Redmi Note 9 is good and not in danger. It is highly unlikely that the smartphone, whatever the model, will explode or burn. The Redmi Note 9 Pro was introduced to the market enough months ago to prove that it is not an explosive or fire-prone smartphone.

Why does the mobile phone catch fire or explode?

The most sensitive part of a smartphone is Drums. If bumped, punctured, or swollen, it could ignite and cause the appliance to burn. It is extremely dangerous to occasionally cause entire homes to burn, but we repeat that it is highly unlikely.

There are several reasons why a The mobile phone can burn or explode, But the device was most likely load related or failed to load. A poor connector or a poor-quality charger can cause a shortage Serious problems while recharging the mobile phone.

You should not be afraid to use a charger from another brand or with more power, because if it is of quality, then the smartphone will regulate the power it needs and the charger will not save more than necessary. You can be calm: Your mobile phone will not catch fire if you use a different charger To the original as long as it has the lowest quality.

Another reason for the battery to ignite is that its internal panels are touching each other. This can cause short and Chain reaction. Placing the device under constant pressure or bending it can cause the battery to suffer and end up in contact with each other.

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Following these tips will further reduce the chances of a fire on your mobile phone, and you will not have problems with that. We don’t know what the user is about yet, but using a poor quality charger or a bad connector appears to be a possible cause.

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