YouTube Introduces “Shorts” In The United States To Compete With Dicto

Wanting to compete with the popular Dictoc app, YouTube unveiled the first version of its light video creation and sharing tool Shorts in the United States this Thursday.

Todd Sherman, Product Manager at YouTube Shorts, said that the new service of Google’s video platform has amassed 6.5 billion views a day during trials in India. “As we continue to build experience with our global community, we are launching YouTube Shorts in beta in the United States from today.”, Confirms Todd Sherman. “We plan to add more functionality with creators and artists with the further development of shorts.” Todd Sherman says YouTube is also exploring how shorts users can monetize their content.

Other competitors

Other U.S. Internet companies have launched their own lightweight video services in recent months, hoping to compete with the Trump administration’s threat of a US ban. The former president, without clear evidence, accused the Chinese group Bite Dance, the owner of Dictok, of spying for Beijing’s interests.

In early March, Netflix introduced the “Power Ryer” feature in its mobile app, which allows you to watch short, humorous juices. In November, Snapshot launched Spotlight, a public library of content made by its users. Instagram, its parent company Facebook, has also gone for short video formats with the reels that debuted last summer.

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