Countries that Mexicans can actually travel to

Little by little Countries open their borders Return to international tourism, after facing health emergencies due to Covid-19. Some only allow access to some nationalities, depending on levels of risk detected by the local government, while others actually gain access. travelers From all the world.

We list some of the countries that are currently receiving or about to receive Mexican tourists.


Starting from June 9, all travelers who do not reside in an EU country will be able to visit France for related reasons tourism. This includes Mexicans.

To access it, it will be necessary to comply with the “health passport” that will be in charge of the French government, and which will be obtained with a certificate of vaccination or a negative PCR test, according to the AP agency.

This new regulation is based on keeping the Covid-19 infection under control by the beginning of June, The Local newspaper says.

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To visit this country, Before boarding the aircraft, it is necessary to present one of the following options: PCR test, antigen test, or medical certificate for epidemiological discharges. You must also fill out an affidavit online.

Children under 12 years old must present a medical certificate attesting to good health.

On arrival, you can take another antigen test (the cost you have to bear) so that you don’t have to be quarantined. If you do not pass the test, you must remain in confinement for 14 days.

Those who plan to spend less than 14 days in Peru must necessarily take the test.


Currently, you can fly from Cancun to Bliss. You must submit a PCR test or antigen test to the airline. Another option is to carry a vaccination certificate.

To go through immigration, you must have confirmation of stay at a recognized hotel with the Golden Standard Seal, which was created by Belize to ensure health security protocols.

Dominican Republic

To travel to this country The Caribbean no longer needs to offer a PCR test. Instead, randomized tests are applied to between 3% and 15% of passengers.

It is necessary to fill out an online form for arrival and another for departure.


If you want to visit the archipelago, you must obtain a health visa, which is requested online a few days before your trip. To request it, you need a negative PCR test.

The cost of the visa is $ 50 Bahama (989 MXN) for a stay of 4 nights.


The Mexican Travelers They can arrive if before the flight they submit a PCR test to the airline. You also need to fill out an online form.


Since April 6, everything Tourists Regardless of their nationality, they are welcome if they have a full certificate of vaccination or have previously had Covid-19 virus.

The Mexican Travelers Those who have not been vaccinated or who have not become infected must submit a negative PCR test and quarantine for five days, followed by another test.

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United State

Technically, our neighboring country has never closed its air borders with Mexico. However, I do travel for reasons tourism Not recommended.

The land borders remained closed, at least, until May 21. It can only be passed on for reasons that are fundamental.

All persons traveling to the United States by air must submit a PCR test or negative antigen test to the airline. This includes those who have already been vaccinated.

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Phuket, Thailand)

This province of Thailand, which is one of its major tourist destinations, will be the first point in the country to receive international travelers who have received the Covid-19 vaccine without having to comply with the quarantine. This will happen from July 1.

Since April 1, the borders are open to tourism, but a prison sentence of up to seven days is necessary.

The delivery of a negative PCR test is still in effect, as is an Entry Certificate issued by the Embassy.

This same process could soon be adopted in other provinces such as Chiang Mai, Krabi and Koh Samui.

Remember to travel to Thailand it is essential to process the visa.

Probable: Spain

During the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) summit, held in April, it was announced that from June, Spain may reopen its borders to international travelers. This announcement was made by the Minister of State for Tourism in that country, Fernando Valdes.

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