Inquisitive Professors: Decades of Teaching and Learning

Alexis Westrick

There are many aspects of LaGrange College that appeal to potential students. There are dozens of great organizations and clubs, diverse majors to choose from, and a strong sense of community. But what really makes LaGrange special is the staff and professors who have dedicated their time and effort to help their students achieve their goals.

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A Joyful Noise: West GA Choral Arts Festival

Nick Oakley

Last weekend saw the Azalea Storytelling Festival come through LaGrange, but the season for supporting the arts is not over. This Saturday, March 14, LaGrange College will host the West Georgia Choral Arts Festival in Callaway Auditorium, a unique event for both participants and audience members. Choirs from the West Georgia and East Alabama regions are invited to attend for a full day of beautiful choral music.

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International Opportunities at LaGrange College

Katie Farr

One of the most unique advantages of being a student at LaGrange College is the vast array of study abroad opportunities. As a college that highly values diversity and cultural understanding, LaGrange attempts to remove every obstacle that may hinder students from broadening their horizons all over the world. The opportunities include international exchange programs, semester- or year-long study abroad programs, and LaGrange College’s interim travel courses.

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Psychology Senior Capstone Research

Taylor Earnhart

Every year, senior Psychological Science majors gather during their final spring semester, to discuss their capstone senior research projects. The senior capstone project is a new addition to the degree program that allows seniors to portray what they have learned from these degree programs at LaGrange College by designing and implementing their own research study.

On Thursday February 27, 2020, this year’s seniors gathered in the Callaway Academic Building with other students pursuing a degree in psychology, mostly sophomores and juniors, to summarize their current research projects and give advice to those who will implement their own research studies in the coming months.

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Ethos System Fully Enacted

Gabriel Griffith

As spring semester reaches midterm week, the seniors of LaGrange College prepare to don their caps and gowns and walk across the stage for their diplomas. High school seniors are doing the same thing, and those that are choosing LaGrange for their next four years are getting ready to enter under the Ethos system. This will be the first freshman class that will solely consist of Ethos students.

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Fear Inspiring Change

Jayme Middleton

Days before Thanksgiving break, fear and panic swept over the LaGrange College campus. Fear turned into anger as news spread of a possible attempted kidnapping. Students spent what should have been a relaxing break calling for change, some fearful to return to campus. Students doubted whether they were safe on their own college campus, a place for learning and education. Not a place to fear for your health and security.

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Winter Traditions and Where to Find Them

Kyle Hildebrand

LaGrange College is a place that prides itself on tradition. Students, faculty, and staff enjoy yearly events on campus like homecoming and the fall festival. These on-campus traditions bring noise, joy, and smiles to the Hill, but what happens after the semester ends? What about when all through the Hill not a creature is stirring, apart from the odd chipmunk? Some families enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner, opening presents around the tree, and sharing feelings of warmth and joy. Others embrace different established cultural traditions or create new traditions unique to their family. I sat down with several students and faculty members to find out what kinds of traditions wait for them away from the Hill.

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Thanksgiving Traditions Across Campus

Lila Phurrough

Though Thanksgiving may often be overlooked due to being directly between Halloween and Christmas, it is still a beloved holiday. It represents a sense of unity within family and friends. The classic celebration is well known; a full dinner with a golden-brown turkey and a table surrounded by loved ones. But how do the various people we see every day celebrate their versions? I’ve asked around our lovely campus, and I’ve found some new traditions from your classmates and advisors.

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Learning to Be Discontent with the Unknown

Katie Farr

“Please don’t try to psychoanalyze me.”

“You probably think I’m crazy!”

“Wow, I better not tell you too much about myself.”

“Maybe you can figure out why my family members act the way they do!”

I hear these light-hearted, half-joking comments on a regular basis as a fourth year psychological sciences major. It seems that the layman’s understanding of a bachelor’s degree in psychology involves learning how to “psychoanalyze” every person one comes into contact with. People expect me to know how a person with schizophrenia may behave. What they do not realize is that psychoanalysis and the fascinating psychotic disorders only make up a small portion of what psychology students actually learn.

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These Shining Lives: The Golden Women of the Gilded Age

Cole Reihing

In 1906, Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle, an exposé of the harsh working conditions immigrants faced in Chicago, was published. At the time, it was the preeminent critique of the way an unchecked capitalist society can exploit its most vulnerable members. It chronicled the lives of hard-working Chicago citizens who faced dangerous and oftentimes fatal workplace environments. The publication of The Jungle led to the creation of the Food and Drug Administration (among other things), and helped make work environments safer.

Where 1906’s The Jungle mainly concerned immigrants working in the meat-packing industry, Melanie Marnich’s These Shining Lives is set in the roaring ’20s in the Radium Dial, where women paint the faces onto watches. 

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The Storyteller of LaGrange College: An Interview with John Lawrence

Alexis Westrick

John Lawrence’s office is nestled on the second floor of the Lamar Dodd Art Center, and I say “nestled” because it feels like the perfect place to sit with a cup of tea and watch the rain. Various photographs that he has taken in Italy, France, and Greece decorate the walls, and the soft lighting casts a warm glow on the shelves of books, photos, and knick-knacks. A rocking chair draped with a knit blanket serves as a guest chair. This is where I sat while Lawrence spun his life into a captivating tale.

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Active Shooter Drill: A Necessary Precaution

Jayme Middleton

On October 24, 2019, LaGrange College participated in an active shooter drill on campus. Campus administration worked extensively with the LaGrange Police Department in order to prepare for the event, and students were notified via email days before the event. The question heard most in classes and around campus was, “What are we supposed to do if this ever does happen?” This training opportunity for LaGrange Police Department (LPD) and college faculty, staff, and students answered this question in a very realistic way.

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Welcome Home, LaGrange Panthers!

Lance Shealy

October 14th will officially kick off this year’s most anticipated event, the 2019 Homecoming week. While Homecoming Day, which includes tailgating and alumni reminiscing on their own college experience, is not until Saturday, the Student Government Association and Panther Activities Committee will have a jam packed week full of excitement and competition. 

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Honing the Craft of Writing with an Open-Door Policy

The LaGrange College Writing Center

Alexis Westrick

On the topmost floor of the Lewis Library, the Lagrange College Writing Center sits crammed between two study rooms. A table in the middle of the room waits for students to throw their rough drafts down for revision, and a whiteboard spanning one of the walls occasionally contains a cartoonish doodle or a rough outline for an English paper. The shelves of disorganized law books on the opposite wall give the room a studious quality, even though the students who tried to alphabetize them last year renounced the project halfway through.

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Back and Better Than Ever: The Revival of The Hilltop News

Jayme Middleton, Editor-In-Chief 2019-2020

            When I wrote for The Hilltop News during the Jan Term of my freshman year, I told everyone I knew that I was going to be published in the school newspaper. The general reaction to that by my peers was, “We have a school newspaper?”

            Like many institutions of higher learning, LaGrange College does indeed have a student newspaper, and it’s been publishing since the early 20th century.

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