Creative Flashy Friday: “There Had Been a Murder” by Miranda Cox


There Had Been a Murder

By Miranda Cox

She watched as yellow police tape was rolled around the scene, as the detectives conversed, as the medical examiner hauled the woman’s limp body onto a stretcher. Shelley recognized the place. It was the street off of 34th Avenue. She walked by it every day on her way to the diner.

She switched off the television. It was time to leave for work. Shelley was eighteen when she started at the diner. She was now thirty-four. Continue reading “Creative Flashy Friday: “There Had Been a Murder” by Miranda Cox”

Creative Flashy Friday: “Trust and Serve the Temple,” by Nick Oakley


Trust and Serve the Temple

By Nick Oakley

For their youthful recklessness, they were punished. The cost of the crime was a toe, the smallest toe on their left foot. This was the traditional punishment for those who transgressed against the Temple. With a knife, heated red by coals, the arbiter exacted the price. In this moment, the youth did not feel shame, or guilt for their transgression. They held within themselves only anger, as hot and as sharp as the knife, and as loud and as piercing as their screams of pain as the blade severed flesh from flesh Continue reading “Creative Flashy Friday: “Trust and Serve the Temple,” by Nick Oakley”

Creative Flashy Friday: “What Are We Doing Here?” by Madison Murphy

We are so pleased to bring you Madison Murphy’s “What Are We Doing Here?” Be warned that the piece includes violent imagery and explores the implications of trauma. In addition to its being fiction, the story also illustrates its author’s care for her characters and any readers who have experienced domestic violence or abuse. 


What Are We Doing Here?

By Madison Murphy

He pulls onto the dirt road that’d been collecting my tears every Saturday for the past two years. My heart races as I see the end of it, but that’s nothing new.

We’re here. Continue reading “Creative Flashy Friday: “What Are We Doing Here?” by Madison Murphy”

Creative Flashy Friday: “There’s Comfort in the Cold” by Markus Newsome


There’s Comfort in the Cold

By Markus Newsome

The door was the first thing in my room to freeze. The mechanisms within are frozen solid, refusing to budge no matter how much force I apply.

The windows were next. Now they are encased in thick ice that proves to be far more durable than anything I could break.

That was it for some time.

Continue reading “Creative Flashy Friday: “There’s Comfort in the Cold” by Markus Newsome”

Creative Flashy Friday: “Antyesti” by Puja Roy

For our first installment of exemplary creative writing by LaGrange College students, we are thrilled to bring you Puja Roy’s “Antyesti.” Readers should be warned that the piece includes troubling imagery and explores an upsetting theme. We remind all of our readers that this piece is fiction and despite its controversial subject matter, Puja handles her characters with respect, grace, and sincere beauty. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



By Puja Roy

I am fortunate that my religion requires the body to be cremated within three days of its death. We have my uncle Prem laid out, dressed in white, hands neatly folded as if he was merely sleeping. The temple apprentices had washed his body, ridding him of all impurities. I doubt they were able to clean them all. Continue reading “Creative Flashy Friday: “Antyesti” by Puja Roy”