Cultural Enrichment Event Explores the Black Lives Matter Movement

Dr. Kelly Veal and Dr. Justin Muller with members of the LaGrange College Black Student Union

By Lasha Banks

On September 25, 2018 Dr. Kelly Veal, assistant professor of clinical mental health counseling services, and Dr. Justin Muller, the newly appointed assistant professor of clinical mental health counseling sciences, presented “Understanding the Need for Groups Such as BLM.”

This event examined the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement’s origins and offered guidance and encouragement to students affected by the deaths of unarmed, innocent African American citizens. This cultural enrichment event was held in Turner Hall’s Bailey Room.

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Fall Preview Day at LaGrange College

This coming Saturday, September 22nd, marks the first in a series of preview days for prospective students. These preview days are an exceptional opportunity to tour the campus and discuss academic areas of interest with faculty.

The 2017/2018 Special Issue Is Here!

Flowers Butterfly

Welcome back for the spring semester, LaGrange College! To celebrate the the new year, The Hilltop News proudly presents its special issue, TRANSFORMATION.

This issue is particularly special. For one, it was curated by a section of English 1101, LaGrange College’s first-year writing program. In this section, students learned the standards of news-writing and editing and helped select the articles that were submitted for publication.

Furthermore, over half of its articles were written and edited by first-year students. Their subjects range from the fake news phenomenon to the new academic programming being designed and offered by LC’s forward-thinking faculty.

Also in this issue you will find long-form nonfiction composed by upper division students in Dr. Laine Scott’s advanced composition course. The writing in these pieces is distinguished by its depth, precision, and beauty.

You can download our special issue here.

The First Word: Man With No Face

The second entry in this year’s “First Word” entries comes from Miranda Cox. It was nominated by Dr. Justin Thurman.

About this piece, Dr. Thurman writes:

 For this assignment, students were to read James Baldwin’s “My Dungeon Shook” and compose a letter to someone important about a moment that reshaped them. While many students wrote letters to themselves, their future children, their parents, or their good friends, Miranda took a different—and stunning—approach.  Furthermore, the subject of Miranda’s letter is wildly relevant. The writing is both heartbreaking and thrilling to read.


Every piece that is nominated for the “First Word” column is eligible for one of the English program’s annual awards for exemplary student writing.

Great job, Miranda!

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Finals: Can You Survive?

By Tia Braxton

3570134262_e284a3ee3d.jpgSurviving finals requires more than a midnight cram session hyped up on Monster and coffee. Finals demand cunning, strategy, patience, preparation, and probably a little bit of luck. To put yourself in the best position to succeed, you will have to make some changes. Here are some tips to help you manage your time, study your books, and navigate your way through those final exams. Continue reading “Finals: Can You Survive?”

Twelve LaGrange College Musicians to Rock the Plaza

By Jacob Robert Krzysiak


Every day from November 7th until the 9th, lunchtime on the Plaza of LaGrange College will be filled with musical acts for “Rock the Plaza,” a charity event for the Fender Music Foundation. The Fender Music Foundation supports and donates instruments to schools with underfunded performing arts budgets and contributes to programs that specialize in musical therapy.

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Lee Johnson’s “Imperfectum” To Premiere This Saturday

By The Hilltop News

On Saturday, November 11th, Professor Lee Johnson will present IMPERFECTUM: Symphony No. 11 in the recording studio at the West Side Building on Panther Way. Audiences will have eleven different opportunities to experience Johnson’s latest symphony. Each showing will include audiences of eleven members. And eleven different hosts will introduce each presentation and offer their insights. Continue reading “Lee Johnson’s “Imperfectum” To Premiere This Saturday”

Easy Magic: How to Start a Student Organization at LaGrange College


Kayla White
Kayla White (right), President of Black Girl Magic and Tarin Rogers (left), Vice President.

By Ashlyn Offenback

Starting a new student organization at LaGrange College is not as challenging as some students might think. Furthermore, whether students start a new organization or join one, research suggests that campus involvement enhances student outcomes in higher education. According to Katie Mosley, LaGrange College’s Director of Student Engagement, “It only takes one person to start an organization.”

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Little Women Come To LaGrange

By The Hilltop News

Thursday, October 5th, marked the opening night of the LaGrange College’s Theater Arts and Musical Theatre Programs’ 2017/2018 season. To celebrate, eager attendees filled the Price Theater to enjoy Little Women: The Musical, the historical spectacular that tapped the talents of many students, including a record number of first-year students. Indeed, the production required countless hours of work to submerge audiences in its story, its period, and its characters’ various conflicts.

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The First Word: The Wonders of Intercropping


The first entry in this year’s round of “First Word” submissions comes from Gabby Buzzell. It was nominated by Dr. Patricia Marchesi.

About Gabby’s piece, entitled “The Wonders of Intercropping,” Dr. Marchesi had this to say:

For the assignment, students had to write about a sustainability initiative that could significantly improve the world . They had to pick one from a host of initiatives described in Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. Gabby chose to focus on a particular agricultural method called tree intercropping. Her article provides a thoughtful overview of her chosen topic and its importance in today’s farming practices.

All submissions for the “First Word” are also eligible for one of the English program’s annual awards for exemplary student writing.

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The Big Wide World on a Small-Town Street: The 2017 L.I.F.E Festival

IMG_2123.JPGBy Gabriel Griffith

For the second year, the LaGrange International Friendship Exchange Festival offered much to visitors and locals alike. On Saturday, September 9th, booths representing twenty different nations filled the streets and produced culturally diverse activities ranging from food tasting, to musical and dance performances. It was the perfect environment to travel the globe all in the short distance of one small-town street in LaGrange, Georgia.  As a result, people came together to celebrate their individual cultures.

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