Welcome Home, LaGrange Panthers!

Lance Shealy

October 14th will officially kick off this year’s most anticipated event, the 2019 Homecoming week. While Homecoming Day, which includes tailgating and alumni reminiscing on their own college experience, is not until Saturday, the Student Government Association and Panther Activities Committee will have a jam packed week full of excitement and competition. 

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Honing the Craft of Writing with an Open-Door Policy

The LaGrange College Writing Center

Alexis Westrick

On the topmost floor of the Lewis Library, the Lagrange College Writing Center sits crammed between two study rooms. A table in the middle of the room waits for students to throw their rough drafts down for revision, and a whiteboard spanning one of the walls occasionally contains a cartoonish doodle or a rough outline for an English paper. The shelves of disorganized law books on the opposite wall give the room a studious quality, even though the students who tried to alphabetize them last year renounced the project halfway through.

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The First Word

Chase Davis’ “Humans and Wolves: A Vitriolic Relationship Built Upon Misconceptions” is kicking off 2019’s First Word column. It was nominated by Dr. Patti Marchesi.

Dr. Marchesi said the following about Chase’s essay:

Chase’s essay is polished and well-organized. It introduces us to the history of wolf-human interaction and the current state of wolf recovery, and argues for the protection of the species. It does all of this within the scope of a 2-3 page paper!

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Back and Better Than Ever: The Revival of The Hilltop News

Jayme Middleton, Editor-In-Chief 2019-2020

            When I wrote for The Hilltop News during the Jan Term of my freshman year, I told everyone I knew that I was going to be published in the school newspaper. The general reaction to that by my peers was, “We have a school newspaper?”

            Like many institutions of higher learning, LaGrange College does indeed have a student newspaper, and it’s been publishing since the early 20th century.

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Creative Flashy Friday: “There Had Been a Murder” by Miranda Cox


There Had Been a Murder

By Miranda Cox

She watched as yellow police tape was rolled around the scene, as the detectives conversed, as the medical examiner hauled the woman’s limp body onto a stretcher. Shelley recognized the place. It was the street off of 34th Avenue. She walked by it every day on her way to the diner.

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