The Storyteller of LaGrange College: An Interview with John Lawrence

Alexis Westrick

John Lawrence’s office is nestled on the second floor of the Lamar Dodd Art Center, and I say “nestled” because it feels like the perfect place to sit with a cup of tea and watch the rain. Various photographs that he has taken in Italy, France, and Greece decorate the walls, and the soft lighting casts a warm glow on the shelves of books, photos, and knick-knacks. A rocking chair draped with a knit blanket serves as a guest chair. This is where I sat while Lawrence spun his life into a captivating tale.

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Active Shooter Drill: A Necessary Precaution

Jayme Middleton

On October 24, 2019, LaGrange College participated in an active shooter drill on campus. Campus administration worked extensively with the LaGrange Police Department in order to prepare for the event, and students were notified via email days before the event. The question heard most in classes and around campus was, “What are we supposed to do if this ever does happen?” This training opportunity for LaGrange Police Department (LPD) and college faculty, staff, and students answered this question in a very realistic way.

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Welcome Home, LaGrange Panthers!

Lance Shealy

October 14th will officially kick off this year’s most anticipated event, the 2019 Homecoming week. While Homecoming Day, which includes tailgating and alumni reminiscing on their own college experience, is not until Saturday, the Student Government Association and Panther Activities Committee will have a jam packed week full of excitement and competition. 

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Honing the Craft of Writing with an Open-Door Policy

The LaGrange College Writing Center

Alexis Westrick

On the topmost floor of the Lewis Library, the Lagrange College Writing Center sits crammed between two study rooms. A table in the middle of the room waits for students to throw their rough drafts down for revision, and a whiteboard spanning one of the walls occasionally contains a cartoonish doodle or a rough outline for an English paper. The shelves of disorganized law books on the opposite wall give the room a studious quality, even though the students who tried to alphabetize them last year renounced the project halfway through.

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