Little Women Come To LaGrange

By The Hilltop News

Thursday, October 5th, marked the opening night of the LaGrange College’s Theater Arts and Musical Theatre Programs’ 2017/2018 season. To celebrate, eager attendees filled the Price Theater to enjoy Little Women: The Musical, the historical spectacular that tapped the talents of many students, including a record number of first-year students. Indeed, the production required countless hours of work to submerge audiences in its story, its period, and its characters’ various conflicts.

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The First Word: The Wonders of Intercropping


The first entry in this year’s round of “First Word” submissions comes from Gabby Buzzell. It was nominated by Dr. Patricia Marchesi.

About Gabby’s piece, entitled “The Wonders of Intercropping,” Dr. Marchesi had this to say:

For the assignment, students had to write about a sustainability initiative that could significantly improve the world . They had to pick one from a host of initiatives described in Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. Gabby chose to focus on a particular agricultural method called tree intercropping. Her article provides a thoughtful overview of her chosen topic and its importance in today’s farming practices.

All submissions for the “First Word” are also eligible for one of the English program’s annual awards for exemplary student writing.

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The Big Wide World on a Small-Town Street: The 2017 L.I.F.E Festival

IMG_2123.JPGBy Gabriel Griffith

For the second year, the LaGrange International Friendship Exchange Festival offered much to visitors and locals alike. On Saturday, September 9th, booths representing twenty different nations filled the streets and produced culturally diverse activities ranging from food tasting, to musical and dance performances. It was the perfect environment to travel the globe all in the short distance of one small-town street in LaGrange, Georgia.  As a result, people came together to celebrate their individual cultures.

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The First Word: “A Game of Technology: A Profile of Coach Lee Richter”

NathanGarnerThe second entry into this year’s batch of exemplary first-year writing is Nathan Garner’s “A Game of Technology: A Profile of Coach Lee Richter.” It was nominated by Dr. Justin Thurman.

About this piece, Dr. Thurman writes:

Nathan’s profile of LaGrange College’s golf coach manages to do two things quite well. First off, it captures Coach Richter’s commitment to his players and details how he came to be a coach at LaGrange College. Secondly, it explores the far-reaching uses and abuses of social media and information technology. The piece is ultimately successful, however, because Nathan worked through multiple drafts and incorporated valuable feedback from his workshop peer group.

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The First Word: “ProcrastiNation and College Writing”

2017’s first entry into LaGrange College’s First Word column of exemplary writing is Kirstie Neal’s “ProcrastiNation and College Writing.” It was nominated by Dr. Patti Marchesi.

Dr. Marchesi writes:

“Kirstie’s essay was written in response to a prompt asking students to consider both the importance of the writing process and the drawbacks of procrastination. In addition to the student’s own experiences and insights, the essay is noteworthy because of the clear way in which it is written, as well as the attention it gives to the different stages of writing.”

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Atlanta’s March for Social Justice and Women

img_0305By Jacob Kryzsiak

On January 21st, 2017, Americans from across the country traveled to Washington D.C. to participate in the Women’s March on Washington. Similar marches, now being called “sister marches,” were organized to support the protesters in Washington D.C. These sister marches took place nationally in multiple American cities Internationally, marches took place in London, Paris, and Nairobi, for example. Continue reading “Atlanta’s March for Social Justice and Women”

WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL! The 2016/2017 Special Issue Is Here


The Hilltop News welcomes LaGrange College back to campus for the spring semester. As we swing into 2017, it is worth looking back at the year that was. And what better way to do that than with our 2016/2017 special issue: STRANGER THINGS

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Farewell, Dr. Garrison


By Emily Webb

Dr. David Garrison will be leaving LaGrange College in February, but his impact on this campus will remain here for many years to come.

Dr. Garrison has worked for LaGrange College for six and a half years. He has been in the Provost’s role since he began working at the college. He taught English and Cornerstone classes before he stopped teaching in 2014.

“It was one of those experiences where I had a terrific teaching experience with an exceptionally wonderful class, and I thought, why go on?” He joked.

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The JanTerm: An Opportunity for Adventure

LaGrange College Student Joshua Daniel (Religion ’16) interacts with a child in the Philippines.

By Sadie Gibson

At LaGrange College, the Interim, or “JanTerm” is a month-long period between the Fall and Spring Semesters that allows students to take courses outside of their major studies and even travel abroad. The period offers a less stressful time of the year because for many courses students can choose pass/fail credit, and they don’t have to worry about the maintenance of other course assignments. They can also choose to go outside of their own interests and explore topics that can open their minds to new ideas and subjects that were unavailable at high school, home, or in their majors.

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STRANGER THINGS: The Hilltop News Seeks Submissions for its Fall Special Issue



Over the summer, television audiences across the country got swept up in the universe of the Netflix series Stranger Things, the story of a missing boy and the supernatural secrets of his fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Written and directed by Matt and Ross Duffer, Stranger Things is set in the ‘80s and uses that decade’s popular culture as touchstones for a deeper investigation of family, friends, and all the passions and pitfalls of growing up in a country that’s growing up right alongside you.

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