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David Marchant of OffshoreAlert — is he credible?



David Marchant

Journalist David Marchant from OffshoreAlert has become the subject of investigation due to his reporting tactics. 

He has written about several leaders in the region including Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and Antigua’s leader Gaston Browne. Throughout the years, OffshoreAlert has become a dubious platform for David Marchant to supposedly expose corruption and blow the whistle on various leaders, but his methods have come under scrutiny.

David Marchant of OffshoreAlert credibility in tatters 

Recently, he also wrote a critical article about Antigua-based offshore bank Global Bank of Commerce and its CEO, Brian Stuart-Young, claiming that two depositors were unable to withdraw $9.2 million and £2.7 million from their accounts. 

However, David Marchant and his journalist integrity is under question as he has been alleged of blackmailing public figures in exchange for cash and manipulating the individuals he reports on.

Engaging in unethical methods? 

According to reports on David Marchant, several disturbing allegations have come up, including not providing enough time for individuals to respond to his accusations and leaving them little opportunity to defend themselves. This has led to several individuals feeling that their reputations have been unfairly tarnished by Marchant’s reporting. The publication also claims that Marchant has been accused of blackmailing public figures in exchange for cash, also known as “brown envelope journalism.”

Furthermore, Journalistwire alleges that Marchant and his partners are requiring payments in exchange for the removal of clickbait content from their site. The accusations came to light when several individuals, who have chosen to remain anonymous, came forward with evidence of Marchant’s actions. The individuals claim that Marchant threatened to publish negative articles about them unless they paid him large amounts of money and in some cases, even threatened to ruin their reputations and careers.

The allegations against Marchant have raised serious concerns about the state of journalism and the importance of maintaining ethical standards. Many in the industry have called for a thorough investigation into Marchant’s actions and for appropriate action to be taken.

Is he peddling in ‘fake news?’

Marchant has also been accused of “peddling fake news guised as journalism” on his website, OffshoreAlert. The report claims that the website, which purports to be an investigative news outlet, has been criticized for its sensational headlines and for publishing articles that lack journalistic integrity. Many have accused Marchant of using the website as a means to generate cash, rather than as a platform for serious journalism.

In response to the accusations, Marchant has denied any wrongdoing and stated that he is simply a “hard-hitting journalist.” However, several industry experts have questioned the validity of his claims and have called for further investigation into his true intentions. David Marchant has been sued numerous times, and many in the industry have called for a thorough investigation into his actions and for appropriate action to be taken.

As this is a developing story, we’d like our readers to weigh in on how this affects the public’s trust in media and journalism in general. 

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