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5 Types of Advertising Channels to Consider



Advertising Channels

The world is forever changing. This means that so are the advertising channels that brands can reach consumers on.


One of the most important parts of being a marketer is having the ability to come up with strategic plans to ensure that your advertising campaigns have maximum impact. What worked four decades ago is not necessarily going to work now.


To communicate with your customers, you will want to think of your advertising channels like a big treasure map or puzzle – where they all have to work together to tell the bigger story and ultimately lead them to being loyal customers of your brand.


It is also important to remember that what works for one brand or industry is not necessarily going to work for another. Some brands may find that having Arlington billboards is extremely effective and impactful. Other brands may find that digital display ads online get them the most customer leads.


To help you navigate your way through the advertising channel maze and determine what ones are right for you, we have put together all the top tips to consider when it comes to locking in your advertising plans.


1. Traditional Marketing

Even though the world is evolving and many brands are placing all their emphasis on advertising online, there is still so much to gain when it comes to sticking to the traditional advertising routes. This means that advertising on Arlington billboards or running a full-page ad in a magazine can still be extremely impactful.


In fact, we’d go as far as to say that going down the traditional marketing route can actually help your brand stand out. While many are putting so much emphasis on digital advertising, you can really own the space in traditional marketing and have less competition to stand out amongst.


No matter what decade we live in, a bit larger-than-life billboard will always catch the attention of potential consumers.


2. Content Marketing

Another really impactful advertising channel is to put a lot of emphasis on is content marketing. Content marketing is honing in on the type of content and keywords your brand puts out online. When executed correctly, it can actually bring your brand’s presence up higher in a Google search result.


Content marketing is an advertising channel that supports SEO rankings and the algorithms that dictate who shows up first. It also allows your brand’s personality to come to life more as well. Content marketing outputs include blog posts, your website, and even YouTube videos.


3. Social Marketing

Of course, you can’t overlook social media marketing. With the majority of the population logging in to social media at least once per day, this is a very important channel to have a brand presence in as well. Similar to content marketing, advertising on social media can be done in an authentic way that really champions your brand.


For instance, while you can run a digital ad campaign on social media, you can also work with social media influencers to integrate your brand and campaigns into their own social media activity. Not only will this allow you to reach new audiences, but it will also help your brand come off as more genuine and less salesy.


However, one common mistake that many brands make is that they put all their resources into social. While a large percentage of the population does use social media, not everyone does. So make sure to do your research on your audience before putting everything into this one channel.


4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important channel to advertise on, specifically because it lets you be more personalized to your audience. You can tailor your emails to them to address them by their specific name and highlight products or deals that cater to their specific interests.


Being personalized in advertising is one of the most important tactics and something that consumers now expect. So going through this channel will be really important and valuable for your brand.


5. Direct Mail Marketing

But email marketing is not the only type of mail advertising to consider. In fact, recent studies have shown that direct mail marketing—where physical pieces of mail are placed in a mailbox—is often more effective than paid searches.


When direct mail is done correctly, it can actually create a bond between your brand and the consumer. So while this channel may be seen as a thing of the past to some, the results show that it can still be one of the most valuable brands for many channels.



If you are a brand looking to create the ultimate advertising strategy, consider integrating these five advertising channels. From billboards to email marketing, there are so many different ways to reach out, engage and convert audiences to customers.


What advertising channels will you try next?

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