The Hilltop News Launches Spring Special Issue “Generation Change”

By Rebekah Lee

Associate Editor of Student Publications, ’18, English 


                                                                         Image by Adam Carpenter 

LaGrange College encourages its students to be the voices and examples of transformation. Each year, our students not only experience transformation at the college, but they also witness the transformation of our culture. The year 2016 is promising to be a year of radical change and riddled with controversy.

We have been thrown into a world of political arguments ranging from the battle of the sexes, to the battle over power. As young adults of “Generation Y”, we have a strong voice when it comes to what we want in our world. Controversial topics such as gun-control, women’s reproductive rights, government-funded higher education, and racial discrimination flood our social media and our minds.

Our generation has a say and we want change.

The Hilltop News is proud to announce that our spring 2016 special issue theme, Generation Change, will be directly related to our voice in regards to current events. We are looking for submissions about the real issues of our generation and why we are the best bet when it comes to putting change into action.

We are looking for well researched, interesting pieces on current events that are flooding not only our nation, but our world. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • The 2016 Presidential race
  • Women’s rights in America or foreign countries
  • The LGBT movement
  • Negative reactions to the voices of Generation Y
  • Negative voices of Generation Y
  • The Body Positive movement
  • Media misrepresentation
  • Stereotypes of classes, races, Greek affiliation, majors, etc.
  • A millennial’s personal response to any of these topics (if submitting this piece, please keep in mind civility and respect for your audience)
  • How to approach stereotypes of Generation Y
  • Cell phone usage

As researchers and voices for our generation, it is important that we remember one of Lagrange College’s pillars, civility, when writing our articles. Submitted articles that express uncivil views or disrespectful language about other political parties, Greek organization or Campus club affiliation, class, race, gender identification, or sexual orientation will not be published.

The Hilltop News is looking for pieces by students from all walks of life and majors. If you want to submit, but don’t consider yourself a writer, submit anyway! Send all article submissions to Rebekah Lee or Jacob Krzysiak, Associate Editors of Student Publications, at no later than April 16th, 2016. Don’t be afraid to share your input and use your voice; contribute to this special issue. Have a great semester!

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