STRANGER THINGS: The Hilltop News Seeks Submissions for its Fall Special Issue



Over the summer, television audiences across the country got swept up in the universe of the Netflix series Stranger Things, the story of a missing boy and the supernatural secrets of his fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana. Written and directed by Matt and Ross Duffer, Stranger Things is set in the ‘80s and uses that decade’s popular culture as touchstones for a deeper investigation of family, friends, and all the passions and pitfalls of growing up in a country that’s growing up right alongside you.

Central to the plot is a mysterious other world, the “upside-down,” which is a cold and cruel reflection of our everyday reality. It is this world—and the powerful little girl who can telepathically travel to it—that gives the series its name.

Like the binge-watching American populace and the intrepid citizens of Hawkins, The Hilltop News is fascinated by stranger things and we seek your stories for our fall special issue. What are stranger things? They can be, but they are not limited to, any of the following:

– STRANGER DANGER! People, places, things or ideas that people should fear or stop fearing.

– STRANGE DAYS! Creative nonfiction that explores or details strange adventures.

– BORING, BUT STRANGE! True stories of everyday things made weird and wonderful by your unique point of view.

Cartoon by Benjamin Swartz, courtesy of The New Yorker

Sportswriting. Profiles. Special interest. Arts and culture reviews. Political writing. If it’s strange, stranger, or strangest, we want to see it!

Articles should be a minimum of 750 words, but no more than 2,000 words. Because the editorial team for this issue will be students currently researching the literary journalism, The Hilltop News is especially interested in stories that are current, innovative, and well reported with a variety of relevant people and news sources.

Send your submissions and questions to the no later than Friday, November 11th. If your article is accepted, The Hilltop News will publish your piece and pay you!


SPECIAL NOTE FOR DR. THURMAN’S LITERARY JOURNALISM CLASS: Articles should consider the criteria of literary journalism discussed in class and evidence at least half a semester’s worth of reporting, research, thinking, and writing. Please consult your notes from class and the rubric we developed. 

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