Travel Management Platforms: Transforming Corporate Travel with Technology



When it comes to entrepreneurs and businessmen, traveling for business purposes has now become a vital part of their lives. With that, management of time and syncing it with all the aspects of their business trip has become more important than ever.

Fortunately, technology has always been on our side and when it comes to corporate traveling, travel management platforms are something that must be looked into.

A business travel management platform streamlines the management side of business traveling and provides customized solutions that have the potential to directly help out with your travel program. Be it optimizing travel processes, managing flight bookings, setting travel budgets, maximizing traveler safety, or making a trip hassle-free, a travel platform is a do-it-all.

But do these platforms really live up to the hype? Well, with the efficiency at which they operate and the time savings that they offer, they do live more than the hype. To believe that, let’s talk a little more about them.

What Exactly is a Corporate Travel Management Platform?

Simply put, a software solution/tool/technology that helps businessmen, corporate people, or entrepreneurs of all sorts of industries in organizing their business trips, starting from booking their flights to managing on-trip activities and planning their return back home is a corporate travel management platform.

The most intriguing part of all this is how everything is synced and managed from the same platform. Whether it is booking flights, managing trip expenses, hotel bookings, and ensuring safe travel, everything can be done from the same platform itself.

What are the Benefits of Corporate Travel Management Platforms?

1. It Makes Things a Little More Personalized

What if you want a group travel booking for your whole corporate team? Your team might be wanting to book a flight and hotel that is more convenient to them, which is cost-saving, and closer to where the business meetings will take place.

But it’s not that easy. These demands might eventually not get fulfilled most often. However, not when it comes to a business travel planning platform. The main thing these platforms are good at is identifying the booking patterns of the employees. Using that data along with their predictive analysis, they can help employees present hotel and flight booking options that are preferred.

In this way, these platforms make things easier for employees and you as a business owner because it will make sure that there are no roadblocks while planning an important business trip.

Also, for those who have opted for these platforms, the feature of personalized trip-related updates can be really handy and allow your employees to be ready beforehand.

2. Business Travel Planning Platforms Simplify Bookings

To book the right flight or hotel, business owners or employees usually tend to look up various third-party travel websites or applications. However, as the number of travel booking websites and apps is endless, the more things get complicated and tedious for the end user.

To save time and money, business travel booking platforms can help. These platforms have both flight bookings and hotel bookings in the same place, which allows users to save their time endlessly juggling through various websites and apps.

All you have to do is log in to the platform and select your preferred business travel packages, which combine custom flights, hotel, stay arrangements and other travel options.

3. These Platforms Save Travel Expenses

Most companies cover the travel expenses of their employees and they and only they know how they do it. All the cost-cutting and saving on even the smallest things is what these companies emphasize to maintain themselves on the profitable side.

However, by using third-party travel booking apps for their business travel planning, they won’t be able to save big. Even negotiating directly with hotels or aviation companies won’t help.

A travel planning platform, on the other hand, might help cut travel costs. It can do it either directly or indirectly by offering expensive booking options for hotels and flights with the help of its AI-driven system.

Therefore, your cue here is to select the most suitable and cost-effective flight and hotel options for your next business trip and save more money that can be used in your business operations.

4. They Provide 24/7 Support

International traveling is not a ball game. Varying time zones, unknown places, and totally different weather conditions are some of the things that make it even harder.

Amidst all this, what if you get stuck in an unexpected situation and require immediate help? To make things worse, it will cause even more frustration if you do not have help at your disposal and are stuck in the situation.

However, a business travel platform can be handy during these times. The support team behind these platforms is available 24/7 and ready to be in touch via chat, call, or even email. Just tell them what’s going on and they provide you with the best help they can.

5. It Can Manage Concierge Services

Most of the time, travel bookings that are made from a company’s side are limited to flight and hotel bookings only. However, some of them also require concierge services. These services are what might include getting a visa or a personalized cab that can take the business owner and employees from the airport to the hotel.

Traditional travel agencies are not that good at providing concierge services along with travel packages. They are limited to travel packages only and focus only on flight bookings and hotel bookings. No other thing besides that.

However, a corporate travel booking system can help with concierge services, which are available to be booked via their in-built systems with just a few clicks. As a cherry on top, they also show you collective packages that club everything including flight, hotel, and concierge service together.

How to Find the Right Corporate Travel Management Platform?

Whether you are looking for a group travel booking for your employees or you are an entrepreneur who wants hassle-free business trip management, a travel platform can help you the way you want.

The efficiency with which these platforms operate and the features they come up with are unmatchable. It doesn’t matter if you are a businessman, an employee, or even a business travel manager, these platforms are bound to make things smooth for you.

But how to choose the right one?

Well, ITILITE is one of the best ones out there. Its business travel management software has-it-all. Be it business travel booking, 24/7 on-trip support, travel analytics, extensive travel inventory, and much more.

All you have to do is get a free demo of it and try it hands-on.

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