The First Word: Alexis Vitovic

Alexis-VitovicIntroduction from Dr. Jack Slay, Professor of English: I’ve enjoyed watching Alexis develop her writing this semester; with each assignment she seems to work a little harder, dig a little deeper. In this essay she explores Heraclitus’ maxim that “character is fate” — and, with the help of a local celebrity, draws some interesting conclusions. Read her essay here.

The First Word: Amy Webb

amywebbIntroduction from Dr. Laine Scott, Professor of English: Amy Webb, a member of this fall’s honors section of ENGL 1101, was recently asked to write a 2-page paper about a current event. All of Amy’s work so far this semester has been top-notch, and this effort was no exception to that trend. She did exactly what I asked of her, painstakingly conducting research, maintaining sufficient focus for such a short essay, and meticulously proofreading until the finished product was clean, informative, and succinct. Anyone who has ignored the recent news about the Ebola virus can get a decent overview from Amy’s paper. Read her essay here.

Girls on Fire: Empowerment Through Mentorship

by Kadeshia Brown

Contributing Writer, ’15, English

Girl Power & Emerging Women Are You Willing To Make A DifferenceThis semester, LaGrange College welcomed a chapter of the organization Girl Power and Emerging Women (GPEW), which serves to empower and guide struggling young women. At the first meeting, which was held in the Boopie on the evening of September 11 to an audience of eight girls and women, co-founder Denise Mosley excitedly explained the company’s vision and plans for the future. Continue reading

An Open Letter to the Freshmen

angela and reese and donicia!

by Angela Hutchins

Copy editor, ’15, Music

Congratulations on completing half of your first semester of college! From all of the upperclassmen, we’re all so proud of you and are delighted at the fact that you chose us to be your new family and community for the next four years.

But, if you haven’t realized it by now, please be aware that this is the real deal. Don’t forget that what you put into this experience truly is what you will get out of it. You’ve worked hard this year, and you’re probably paying a lot for your classes, just like the rest of us, but now you’re a quarter of the way there! Continue reading

Teaching, Serving, Living: Unforgettable Experiences in Africa

by Danielle Newbern

Contributing Writer, ‘15, Mathematics

This summer, I had the opportunity to spend a month and a half in the southern region of Africa, specifically Zambia andIMG_1113 Zimbabwe. I left for Livingstone, Zambia on May 28th, full of excitement for what was to come my way. I finally arrived on May 30th via three long international flights. Continue reading