An Open Letter to the Freshmen

angela and reese and donicia!

by Angela Hutchins

Copy editor, ’15, Music

Congratulations on completing half of your first semester of college! From all of the upperclassmen, we’re all so proud of you and are delighted at the fact that you chose us to be your new family and community for the next four years.

But, if you haven’t realized it by now, please be aware that this is the real deal. Don’t forget that what you put into this experience truly is what you will get out of it. You’ve worked hard this year, and you’re probably paying a lot for your classes, just like the rest of us, but now you’re a quarter of the way there! Continue reading

Teaching, Serving, Living: Unforgettable Experiences in Africa

by Danielle Newbern

Contributing Writer, ‘15, Mathematics

This summer, I had the opportunity to spend a month and a half in the southern region of Africa, specifically Zambia andIMG_1113 Zimbabwe. I left for Livingstone, Zambia on May 28th, full of excitement for what was to come my way. I finally arrived on May 30th via three long international flights. Continue reading

Our Daily Bread Enjoys Record-Shattering Summer

by Chandelle Ulmer

Contributing Writer, ’16, Exercise Science

photo 2At Our Daily Bread, the soup kitchen run by LaGrange College students, giving back is the routine. The spirit of servant leadership has increased greatly with our recent expansion this past summer.

For the past two months, I have helped lead Our Daily Bread, located in the Broad Street Church of Christ. Every week, volunteers plan the week’s meal, shop for food, set up the kitchen, prepare the meal, and clean up afterwards. Continue reading

The Hilltop Rises To New Heights This Fall

by Ben Fuller

Editor-in-chief, ’16, English

everythingthatrisesIt’s been a fun-filled summer of traveling, relaxing, and dumping ice water over one’s own head for a good cause. Now is the
 time for both students and the Hilltop News to rise out of summer and rocket headfirst into fall semester.

But watch out; when two things leap off the ground together, it’s inevitable they’ll collide! Continue reading

The First Word: Ashlyn Baker for “Taking off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes”

photo (4)Introduction from Dr. Williams: My 1102 class was given a good bit of freedom in writing about one of three poets.  Ashlyn chose Emily Dickinson, and tried to shed some light on that poet’s mystique by focusing on her curious treatment of and attitude toward death.  She selected three poems and constructed a thesis that argued for a vision of death common to them all.  What I like about Ashlyn’s writing is its conciseness–she makes her words count.  And she doesn’t belabor quotation, but finds just what she needs.  She also has a refreshing tendency to zero in on what is interesting, leaving out “the dull bits.”  She illuminates Dickinson’s style, in a sense, by sharing it. Read her essay here.