The First Word: Ashlyn Baker for “Taking off Emily Dickinson’s Clothes”

photo (4)Introduction from Dr. Williams: My 1102 class was given a good bit of freedom in writing about one of three poets.  Ashlyn chose Emily Dickinson, and tried to shed some light on that poet’s mystique by focusing on her curious treatment of and attitude toward death.  She selected three poems and constructed a thesis that argued for a vision of death common to them all.  What I like about Ashlyn’s writing is its conciseness–she makes her words count.  And she doesn’t belabor quotation, but finds just what she needs.  She also has a refreshing tendency to zero in on what is interesting, leaving out “the dull bits.”  She illuminates Dickinson’s style, in a sense, by sharing it. Read her essay here.

Champions Reflect on Historic Win

by Ryan Rabern

Staff Writer, ’15, English

championsFor the first time since 1975, the LaGrange College Men’s Basketball team can taste what it means to be conference champions. Their lights-out 94-84 victory over the rival Huntingdon Hawks,  in Maryville, Tennessee, brought the Panthers, and LaGrange College, their first USA South Conference title. Continue reading

Students and Faculty React to Departure of Dr. O’Connor

by Ben Fuller

Editor-in-chief, ’16, English

facebook group - oconnorDr. Frank O’Connor departed from LaGrange College faculty on Monday, February 17th, drawing a strong reaction from students. One of O’Connor’s former students, psychology major Trayton Carson-Tanner, responded by creating a Facebook group. The group exists, according to its description, “To let Dr. O’Connor know how much we appreciated him and that we won’t forget him.” Continue reading

Owning the Dream: Guest Speakers Commemorate Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Nicole Cato

Staff Writer, ’15, Spanish

LaGrange College recently hosted two cultural enrichment events with speakers Reverend Otis Moss, Jr. and Reverend Olu Brown, who both shared the message of Martin Luther King, Jr. In celebration of Black History Month, The Hilltop News looks back to the words of these inspirational speakers. Continue reading

More Beautiful Than Any Photo: A Jan Term Doing as the Romans Do

By Leah Foster

Copy Editor, ’15, Mathematics

ThBernini, Apollo and Daphne (Galleria Borghese)ree classes led by Dr. Dottie Joiner, John Lawrence, and Dr. John Cook explored the history and beauty of Rome. We began our journey right after we cleared the airport, led through the city by two Italian tour guides. The days of this unforgettable trip seem to blur together because we witnessed so much history and art. The memories, though, are alive and well, and they flood my thoughts daily. Continue reading

Is Your Heart Happy?

By Cara Thornton

Contributing Writer, ’15, Biology

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 10.39.25 AMLaGrange College has a policy in which they award a $2,500 travel voucher to junior or senior students to apply toward an interim travel abroad course. This year was my year to travel and immerse myself in a culture that I would have never had the opportunity to experience otherwise. While others chose trips to Italy, Hawaii, or the Philippines, I happily signed up for the trip to Central America with Dr. Paschal and Dr. Crutchfield, the trip that caught my interest the most. Continue reading